Pak choi: how to grow Chinese cabbage on the balcony

from Nadia Tadioli (He cooperated Gerardo Antonelli)

It is one of the foods richer in nutrients. But not only. “The Pak choior Chinese cabbage, it is also easy to grow: in the garden as on the balcony, because it does not require a lot of land, ”he explains Roberta Zaltieri, from the La Margherita farm. “If you sow it now, or plant the seedlings by mid-August, you can eat it between late September and early October“.

  • Purchase: the seeds can be found on the Internet (on as in the sites dedicated to vegetable garden and gardening). The seedlings, on the other hand, are offered by nurseries, also for sale online.
  • Sowing: 2 fingers of soil in containers are enough as big as coffee cups: put 2-3 seeds in each, then gently wet with a little water and always keep the soil slightly moist. When the first 4 leaves have sprouted (after about 30-40 days), it will be time to transplant the seedlings.

  • Potted: in a 40 cm balcony box there are 2 seedlings: fill it with specific soil for the garden, arrange the container in a sunny position and wet regularly, always watering abundantly. After a month fertilize every 15 days with an organic fertilizer for vegetables.

  • In the garden: works the soil well, enriching it with manure in pellets and compost. Plant the seedlings in the garden at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other and for the first few days take care to irrigate exactly on the leaves. Then continue to water regularly, using an organic vegetable fertilizer every month.

In the kitchen

«It tastes similar to Italian cabbage. The stems, crunchy, are perfect in salad. The leaves, on the other hand, are excellent cooked, both boiled and sautéed or stewed », explains Dr. Fabrizia Lellero, nutrition biologist in Naples. “It’s a real superfoodbecause it is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K and also rich in vitamin B6, folate, calcium and manganese ».