Pamela Prati, a film and a book on the Mark Caltagirone case are on the way

Pamela Prati, a film and a book on the Mark Caltagirone case are on the way

The Pamela Prati case is preparing to land in the cinema, with a film and a book, as announced by Eliana Michelazzo

The Mark Caltagirone case could soon turn into a film and a book. This was revealed by Eliana Michelazzo, ex-agent of Pamela Prati, who on Instagram told about the plans for the future that include a feature film and a novel inspired by the affair that she kept with breath in all Italy.

A story that began several months ago when Mara Venier's guest Prati announced her wedding with Mark Caltagirone, a well-known Roman businessman, also revealing that she had adopted two children, Rebecca and Sebastian. In reality it was just a huge lie, a scam that a few weeks later began to come to light.

Even today it is difficult to distinguish who the victims are and who the executioners are. Pamela Prati claims to have been exploited and defrauded by her agents, while Eliana Michelazzo points her finger at Pamela Perricciolo. The latter in an episode of Live – It is not D’Urso reiterated that both women knew what was happening and were his accomplices.

Whatever the truth behind the Mark Caltagirone case, one thing is certain: the media impact it has had has been enormous. Precisely for this reason, Eliana Michelazzo has announced that she wants to keep the spotlight on the Pratiful affair – as it has been nicknamed – by making a book and a film.

If Netflix had joked about it a few weeks ago, announcing the release of a TV series inspired by chance, it seems that soon we will see a feature film on the big screen. "We are writing the book and the film is in the pipeline" confessed Eliana in Instagram Stories, telling the latest news to the fans.

For now there is no more information, certainly the release of the film will cause new controversies. In the meantime, the protagonists of the affair are taking their lives back. Pamela Prati is very active on Instagram, Eliana is working on new projects, while Perricciolo, at least for now, seems to have disappeared from circulation. In the meantime, as Signorini has revealed, an investigation has been opened.

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