Pamela Prati under attack: disavowed by Eliana Michelazzo and her ex-boyfriend

Pamela Prati denied on several fronts. She would be full of debts with the Revenue Agency and the former Luigi Oliva would have lent her a lot of money

The Pamela Prati case is becoming increasingly complicated.

What the showgirl revealed about her alleged debts was promptly denied by her former agent Eliana Michelazzo who also attacks the ex-partner Pamela Perricciolo from the pages of Oggi magazine.

Perricciolo accused Prati of managing the fake profile of the phantom Mark Caltagirone and Michelazzo of managing that of the equally phantom Simone Coppi, with whom Michelazzo herself claims to have had a 10-year virtual relationship. To these revelations Eliana gave her version of the facts:

Donna Pamela no longer knows what to invent and now she doesn't know how to get out of that story. I received intimate messages with photos and videos, I could never have sent them alone. There is only you behind those profiles and the Postal Police will prove it.

Eliana announced that she had denounced Perricciolo:

And precisely because she herself spoke about it, in my complaint, mention is made of the 'Ndrangheta. I am now afraid of retaliation against you, given that I have decided to take this step against you, whose relatives have or had ties to the organized crime. I am okay with my conscience … I am a victim, and I strongly reiterate it.

And on the economic problems of Prati, he reiterates:

If Ms. Prati became honorary director of my company, it was also to circumvent the foreclosures that had already attacked the invoices issued for her participation in Rai and Mediaset. In fact, I do not know that these new interviews are billed on his behalf. Pamela has important debts with the Revenue Agency. And not only.

But the soubrette is attacked from several fronts. In fact, Luigi Oliva, 46, denies what Pamela Prati said on TV at Verissimo. Also to the magazine Oggi he said:

We together seven years? No, we spent eight months together. Certainly while he said to flirt with Caltagirone he continued to declare himself in love with me.

And on the tattoo that the soubrette says she has done in honor of her mother she says:

We actually did it together. Designed by Pamela herself: red for her, black for me. We did it in late 2017.

When asked if he helped Prati financially, he replies that he no longer knows the amount of the sum ("Ask her … I'm curious to see what she answers"), and informs that her lawyer has drawn up a repayment plan.

According to rumors by Dagospia instead of Michelazzo, Perricciolo would be together and would agree in the bluff.

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