Paola Barale, space buns and glittery eyebrows on Instagram leaves you breathless

Paola Barale, space buns e sopracciglia glitterate su Instagram lascia senza fiato

Paola Barale leaves you breathless on Instagram showing off a new look with space buns and glittery eyebrows

Space buns and glittery eyebrows: Paola Barale leaves you breathless on Instagram revealing a new look. The presenter once again managed to amaze her fans, revealing a transformation that has received a lot of acclaim. At 53, Paola has not lost the desire to experiment with the look and always show herself different in front of the camera.

The latest change is truly surprising: Barale sports space buns, that is the double chignon that celebrities like so much and that gives her a jaunty air. To amaze the most, however, are the eyebrows covered with red glitter, really amazing! After the long love story with Raz Degan, Paola is back to smile and focus on herself.

The love with the model and director ended over five years ago and since then Barale has been single. "My condition does not imply not loving – he told the weekly Oggi -. I am perpetually in love. Of life, of work, of my friends. And of men, yes. But from a distance. You see, age is a value that gives awareness. Today I know who I am, what I want and what I don't like. I live very peacefully and believe in love. Of course, I didn't imagine arriving single at my age: I was a couple from 16 to 48, my parents have been linked for 60. That was an example for me. But I feel happy with my life. I am a free, independent woman ”.

Born in 1967, Paola Barale is one of the most loved faces on TV. It was 1986 when it was hosted for the first time in Domenica In due to its resemblance to Madonna. Shortly thereafter, the Girls' TV would arrive and later a runaway success. Two great loves in her life: Gianni Sperti, married in 1998, and Raz Degan, with whom she lived an intense affair that lasted from 2002 to 2015. A painful farewell that today, finally, Paola seems to have passed. "When a person I loved very much strikes me, I struggle to recover it – he explained -. I prefer to close, I hardly give a second chance. When loyalty is lacking, there is no point in moving forward. Thinking about things in the past, however, makes you fall behind. I like being in the present and, despite having goals, I enjoy what I have. This means living in love ".

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