Paola Perego confesses to Lucio Presta. And he on Instagram reveals details of Sanremo 2021

Paola Perego confesses to Lucio Presta. And he on Instagram reveals details of Sanremo 2021

Te Pere Perego and I confess how things are with her husband Lucio Presta. And he on Instagram shows Amadeus at work for Sanremo 2021

Paola Perego tells her story in Io e Te's living room. The occasion is the book he wrote, Behind the scenes of my fears, where he talks about the panic attacks he has suffered for thirty years.

The book, published by Piemme, and released in April 2020, in fact, tells "the monster", as she calls it, with whom it has lived for so long: anxiety and panic attacks ". Several times in recent months, Perego has come back to the issue, also confessing that she tried to break an arm to calm anxiety (see the video above).

Panic attacks were not the only topic addressed by Pierluigi Diaco with Paola Perego. The questions about Lucio Presta, her husband, are inevitable. The presenter underlines how close he was to her, he was the only one who, despite never having suffered from panic attacks, was able to understand his discomfort and malaise, without any prejudice. "I couldn't take a shower if there wasn't someone in the house or sleep without someone there."

Presta has always been close to her, in fact he was the only one who knew about his ailments. Indeed, Perego reiterates that none of her colleagues knew about it.

And to those who still define her as a registered letter, because her husband is one of the most powerful agents of the show, she replies: "Everything is slipping on me now, I don't feel bad about these things anymore".

In the family, however, things are not all pink and flowers. Of course, the couple is solid but the differences emerge. “He is proud and habitual. I am the opposite, I would always change … ". For this reason, there is no lack of opportunities for conflict: "We send ourselves heavily to that country", but this does not prevent them from having a very strong bond.

While Paola confesses to Me and You, Presta on Instagram leaves no doubts sharing a photo of Amadeus already at work for Sanremo 2021. Fiorello will still be by her side. Meanwhile, excellent names are already popping up on who will step on the Ariston stage with them. And among these there is also that of Elena Sofia Ricci.


Amadeus at work for Sanremo 2021 – Source: Instagram

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