Paola Perego, the touching farewell to dad: "I imagine you smiling"

Paola Perego

Paola Perego remembers her father Pietro, who recently passed away, with a touching dedication with an open heart on Instagram

The loss of a loved one leaves an incredible emptiness in the heart, especially when it comes to a parent. Paola Perego knows it well, she has just had to say goodbye to her father Pietro with whom she has always had a very special bond.

"There is never a right time to say goodbye, there is no age when separation can be less painful.
This tear, so strong and deep, now it really hurts dear dad ”, thus begins the moving dedication that the presenter published on her Instagram profile, along with a selfie with her father Pietro and her sister Silvana. Recalling memories hurts, but it is at the same time a way to exorcise the pain of an unbridgeable void. Paola Perego continues "Fortunately, however, to lull us into this sadness there are memories, memories of a lifetime, of bike rides, of absurd nursery rhymes singing to your grandchildren, of kisses stolen when no one saw you, because you were stoic and heroic, and you never showed your sweetness too much ".

A man of the past, father Pietro, who was 90 years old and has always worked as a carpenter. Indestructible marriage with Mrs. Alice, his everlasting love to which he has been linked for 57 years. Two parents who have represented so much for Paola Perego, simple and hearted people who have always supported her choices without ever hindering her.

The family tightens in pain but at the same time finds the strength to smile. Smiles that only dad Pietro knew how to give with his fresh irony and that continues to make Paola and her other loved ones appear on the face. "Today we laughed thinking about your jokes, we cried thinking we could no longer hear your voice, but now I imagine you smiling dad, pedaling on your bike, enjoying the sun in your face with those dark glasses you liked so much, because how you said, they made you look like a handsome young man ”.

The presenter concluded, finally, thanking the fans and all the people who were close to her in such a dramatic moment. "Thanks to all of you who have been close to us even with just a thought, your embrace has arrived."

Paola Perego dad Instagram

Paola Perego remembers father Pietro

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