Paola Turani, infertility and the appeal to women: "Don't give up"

Paola Turani, infertility and the appeal to women: "Don't give up"

The model and influencer Paola Turani shared a touching video on Instagram, in which she addresses the issue of infertility and launches an appeal to women

Oversized sweatshirt, natural face and without a trace of makeup. And two big blue eyes shining with emotion, which reveal the pain of a dramatic chapter in one's life. Paola Turani has decided to share a video with her Instagram followers in which she talks about her experience with infertility and the long and tortuous path she lived with her husband Riccardo Serpellini.

“It will not be easy for me to talk to you about this topic, but I hope to make it”, so begins the beautiful model and influencer in the video. About eleven minutes, filmed last January 2021 before receiving the unexpected news that the couple had been waiting for eight years: the arrival of a child.

Paola and Riccardo wanted to break the news with a beautiful post on Instagram: "Life when you least expect it surprises you. And when it happens it leaves you breathless, speechless ”, these are the words of Turani. “How much I dreamed of this moment, how much… and in the end, our greatest and special joy has arrived”. The model and influencer, however, wanted to give her followers a moment of intimate and personal reflection, aimed at shining the spotlight on a theme that "in some ways unfortunately is still a taboo subject".

Infertility is a problem that afflicts many couples and of which there is still little talk. Something that puts a strain on the stability and strength of anyone, even those who live a solid and intense love. And Paola Turani knows this well. In the video posted on Instagram she tells the path she faced with her husband Riccardo, whom she married in 2019. The first times when they thought, like all young couples, that pregnancy will come sooner or later. Each focused on their work, as both are established professionals in their fields. But time passed and the desire to have a child was slow to come true.

“The months that passed have become years – wrote Turani in the post -, (…) And this moment never came. There were months when I felt more sensitive and in pain. Months, however, in which I did not think about it ". And in the meantime, after a long time, the pain was increasingly threatening the hearts of Paola and her handsome Riccardo, far from realizing their dream of becoming parents. With tears in her eyes and her voice broken by emotion, the beautiful influencer explained how difficult it was to deal with all this, also because of the pressure and the constant questions: "Everyone asks about children, when will you have children and you initially you don't know the situation, you don't know what to answer ".

Paola Turani then told about the couple's journey that they decided to undertake, relying on a specialized clinic. Checkups, tests and the diagnosis of a problem for which conceiving naturally would have been "almost impossible". The model and influencer did not mince words to describe the terrible feeling she felt at this news: “It's been a tough month, it was a psychological blow. How many tears have I shed “.

The only hope now was to proceed with MAP, which Turani explained to be medically assisted procreation, a process that required further visits, examinations and preparation by both spouses. "Then, however, something incredible happened," he wrote. And in fact, after eight years and a lot of suffering, the splendid Paola finally got pregnant, just in the month in which they should have started PMA. And life with her husband took an unexpected turn, but full of happiness.

Paola Turani always puts her great popularity on social media at the service of excellent causes. This time he took an important step, exposing himself in front of his followers in all his fragility and telling an intimate page of his life with a single goal: to launch an appeal to women. “Friends who are reading to me, I know you understand me, we are many, we are strong, but above all we are not wrong – these are the words of Turani -. We just have to fight a little more for our rainbow, this is my message of hope. Don't give up, you are strong! ".

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