Paolo Bonolis, the daughter Martina ready to give birth. The conductor may not be there

Paolo Bonolis, the daughter Martina ready to give birth. The conductor may not be there

Paolo Bonolis is preparing to become a grandfather: his daughter Martina will soon give birth to her first child

Martina, the daughter of Paolo Bonolis, is preparing to give birth, but the conductor may not be there. The conductor's second child posted a photo on her Instagram profile showing her baby bump, revealing that she will soon give birth to her first child. In the Stories, Martina joked about the summer heat wave and pregnancy, revealing the difficulties of the last weeks of gestation. "Do not have children in quarantine and in this heat," he wrote, explaining that he couldn't wait to hold the baby in his arms.

Martina is 38 years old and is the second daughter of Paolo Bonolis. She and her eldest son Stefano are the result of the host's marriage with Diane Zoeller, a well-known American psychologist. Both grew up in the United States where they remained even after the showman's divorce with his mother in 1988. Martina looks a lot like Paolo, but she decided to follow in her mother's footsteps by becoming a psychologist. She is particularly concerned with providing support to women and girls who are victims of abuse and is very active in the social sector.

In 2019, on the occasion of his wedding, Bonolis flew to the States with the whole family, ready to celebrate his daughter. In fact, over the years, also thanks to the help of Sonia Bruganelli, his second wife and mother of Silvia, Alice and Davide, Paolo has managed to rebuild an excellent relationship with his older children, made difficult by distance.

“I was absent with my first two children due to distance problems, I was here in New York – Bonolis told Verissimo some time ago -. I must say that Sonia was fundamental in the relationship between what was before and what is now. He has never failed to connect these two worlds. She did it with a great sense of family and for this I will be forever grateful ".

Martina's birth is expected shortly. Meanwhile, the conductor still does not know if he will be close to her in this important moment. “I am very happy, especially for her – he revealed -. She should give birth in August or September. But I think we will have a hard time going to see her. I don't know if this situation will allow us to fly to the United States… I don't know what will happen. The important thing, however, is that in her and her husband there is all the happiness that is also in me ".

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