Pasta with pesto: the version that will make your taste buds go crazy

Our cuisine is made up of immediate dishes and express recipes: like these penne with zucchini pesto and dried fruit

Fresh when it’s in season, freeze the rest of the year. The zucchini they are among the most popular vegetables in the kitchen also because it takes very little to prepare tasty and nutritious dishes.



Like these penne with pesto di zucchini and dried fruit. We have chosen almonds and pine nuts, which can also become walnuts and cashews or whatever we want. All ready in a few minutes and delicious.

Penne with zucchini pesto and dried fruit: the recipe step by step

Different shapes of short pasta are fine with this sauce, so if we love more fusilli, pipe, rigatoni, paccheri, we vary depending on the day.

400 g of penne rigate
350 g of zucchini
60 g of pine nuts
30 g of almonds
50 g of aged pecorino
6 basil leaves
1 clove of garlic
4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
Salt to taste

Preparation: courgette pesto pasta



Let’s start with zucchini: let’s trim and clean them, then wash them well. Cut them into slices, possibly all the same so that they cook at the same time.
Then while we boil the water for the pasta, take a pan and heat a thread of extra virgin olive oil together with a peeled and lightly crushed clove of garlic. When the garlic has browned, we can also add the sliced ​​courgettes.
Let them brown over medium heat for about 15 minutes or in any case until they become golden brown. Salt them lightly a half cooked and when they are ready let’s pull them up with a slotted spoon putting them on a plate.
While we wait for the water to boil, in the mixing bowl chop together the dried fruit, then the skinned almonds and the pine nuts. We don’t need them to become flour, we still need crunchy, so it will only take a few seconds.

We drop the pasta and wait until it is al dente before draining it. In the meantime, we also pour in the mixer zucchiniwithout garlic (keeping some aside as a final decoration), and blend them until you get a creamy consistency.
At that point we also add the grated pecorino at the moment, the mix of almonds and pine nuts, the washed basil leaves and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. We blend everything together and our pasta sauce is ready.
Then drain the penne, season them immediately with the pesto based on zucchini and dried fruit. Then we decorate each dish with a few slices of zucchini, two or three whole almonds and another sprinkling of pecorino. A simple, healthy, genuine first course, just the way we like it.