Pausini, the message of the daughter after the Oscars is the best prize

Laura Pausini torna a casa dopo gli Oscar

Laura has returned home after the narrowly missed Oscar and has found the love of her daughter Paola waiting for her

Oscar 2021, photos of Laura Pausini's performance

These were days of great emotions and hopes, not only for Laura Pausini but also for all the Italians who passionately followed the singer's adventure at the Oscars. After the splendid victory of the Golden Globe, the nomination for the gold statuette in the category of best original song made everyone dream a bit.

The song is the soundtrack of the film Life in front of itself starring Sophia Loren on which the spotlight was immediately turned on, and the confirmations came with the first international awards. So Laura Pausini flew to Los Angeles to participate in the 93rd edition of the Oscars and also had the opportunity to perform in a spectacular location with her song in the competition Io Sì (Seen). On the red carpet she wore a beautiful Valentino dress and carried the Made in Italy flag high.

The coveted Oscar eventually went to H.E.R's Fight For You but Laura was still able to show extreme gratitude towards the Academy for the nomination she received and for all the daydreaming. It was the first time that a song with lyrics entirely in Italian was taken so strongly into consideration in international kermesse of this caliber: the first ever to win a Golden Globe. Reason that makes this incredible journey – despite the missed Oscar – a great recognition for Laura Pausini.

Laura returned home and the most important award was waiting for her, a message of affection from her daughter Paola:

Welcome back mom, you are the most important Oscar of my life

Pausini shared the sweet gesture of affection through the stories on her official Instagram profile, commenting:

There are those who win the Oscar in Los Angeles and those who win it at home

A tangible sign of the joy with which the singer faced the return home "empty-handed", because a nomination of this caliber certainly cannot be considered a defeat, quite the contrary. And if her husband Paolo Carta and 8-year-old daughter Paola are welcoming her home with open arms with all her love, the American adventure that has just ended is to be considered a great victory.

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