Perfect tan: here are the foods to be included in the diet to favor it

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To have a perfect tan, here are the foods to be included in the diet to favor it: let’s find out what to eat.

When it’s time to get a tan fruits and vegetables they come to our aid and become real allies of our tan. In fact, by eating the right foods we will be able to conquer a beautiful amber color much easier.

perfect tan foods

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Some foods, in fact, mainly among vegetables, but not only, tend to make us develop more melanin and therefore help us to get a better complexion and make us burn less.

Let’s not forget, in any case, that it is always necessary to put a protective cream before exposing ourselves to the sun and to respect the dermatologist’s recommendations, avoiding putting ourselves in the sun during the hottest hours. So let’s find out what the foods that can help us have a perfect tan.

Here are the foods to include in your diet for a perfect tan

To obtain a perfect tan even at the table it is important to add the right foods. In addition to protective creams, it is essential to prepare the body from the inside starting with nutrition and hydration.

perfect tan foods

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But is there a tanning diet? Well yes. Inserting the right foods is essential if we want to get a perfect tan. Some foods favor the complexion that exposure to the sun provides us with. Let’s find out what they are.

1) Carrots. Carrots are undoubtedly among the vegetables richest in beta-carotene. It is a carotenoid, that is a precursor of vitamin A or retinol that boasts antioxidant properties by carrying out a photoprotective action. It also counteracts free radicals by enhancing the effect of melanin.

2) Peppers. These typically summer vegetables, especially the yellow and red ones, are also rich in beta-carotene. Not only that, they also contain a decent dose of vitamin C capable of stimulating the tan.

3) Apricots. These typically late spring and summer fruits are perfect for fighting free radicals and are also a valuable source of vitamin A, so they stimulate the tan. Other orange fruits such as peaches and melons are also particularly suitable. These fruits are also suitable for those on a diet.

4) Red radish. Another vegetable rich in beta-carotene with a very high content, in second place after carrots, is radicchio, it helps to tan more.

5) Tomatoes. In addition to vitamin A, it is also important to take lycopene which is mainly found in tomatoes, especially the more ripe ones. They also contain a fair amount of vitamin A. In general, red-colored foods are rich in lycopene. Let’s not forget that it also helps prevent skin aging and protect the skin from the sun. In addition to tomatoes, typical vegetables of this period, we can also include watermelon, strawberries and cherries.

6) Egg. Rich in vitamin B, they repair cells from ultraviolet rays. They also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids with antioxidant powers.

Finally, let’s not forget that to have a perfect tan also the skin must be elastic and in this regard we can help ourselves with foods rich in Omega 3 and vitamin E. In this regard we find blue fish, oil seeds, dried fruit, extra virgin olive oil. olive and sunflower.

As well as it is good not to overdo the intake of vitamin C but to consume it in the recommended doses, it is important not to abuse these foods but to always consume them following the recommended doses. Taking too much beta-carotene could then make our skin too orange.

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