Positive Marica Pellegrinelli: the words of Eros Ramazzotti's ex-wife on Instagram

Positive Marica Pellegrinelli: the words of Eros Ramazzotti's ex-wife on Instagram

After discovering the result of the swab, Marica Pellegrinelli launched an appeal on Instagram

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Marica Pellegrinelli is also positive for Coronavirus: she announced it herself on Instagram, sending a beautiful message to all her fans and recommending them to pay attention to any possible symptoms, so as to avoid the spread of the infection.

The beautiful model has discovered in the past few hours the result of the tampon she had voluntarily undergone, following a strange headache that made her sound an alarm bell. Among her Instagram stories, with a long video, Marica Pellegrinelli explained that she first had a serological, which had given a negative result. Not feeling safe, after just 8 hours she decided to investigate: "The swab was positive" – ​​she said. But to his relief, no one else, among those with whom he had contact in the previous days, has experienced the same problem

Therefore, the ex-wife of Eros Ramazzotti is not asymptomatic: "I spent two days with a very strong headache, nausea and broken bones. No problems in the air ”- he revealed on social media. Now he seems to be doing better, however he has already taken all the necessary precautionary measures. He will have to remain in solitary confinement for 10 days, during which he has already announced that he will read a lot, take time for himself and take care of the house: "I have to fix the children's games, which is one of those things I dream about the night".

Marica Pellegrinelli also wanted to send a message to all her followers. Aware of her visibility, she took advantage of the opportunity to remember how important it is to stay at home without having contact with others, in case of positivity, and to communicate her situation to all those who might be interested, so as to allow them to carry out a tampon. "This is the only way to contain the virus" – concluded the model.

There are many personalities from the world of entertainment and sport affected by the Coronavirus. Among others, Massimo Lopez and Federica Pellegrini announced in the past few hours that they had discovered their positivity, while the conductor Massimiliano Ossini told about his experience in a long interview with Corriere della Sera, only now that he is healed. Alessia Marcuzzi, on the other hand, had had a slightly positive test that had worried all her fans, but in the end it turned out to be a false alarm.

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