Prati case: Eliana Michelazzo publishes the evidence that reveals her lies

Case Prati, from Barbara D’Urso speaks the mother of the child passed off as Sebastian Caltagirone

After Pamela Prati's interview with Verissimo, Eliana Michelazzo publishes new evidence that denies her

The Prati affair seems far from over and, after the interview with the Sardinian showgirl in Verissimo, the former agent Eliana Michelazzo denies it, showing new evidence concerning Mark Caltagirone. Both admitted that man does not exist, claiming to have been deceived, with cross accusations that are increasingly confusing the waters.

Who is really behind Mark Caltagirone? Hard to say, certainly someone is lying. While Pamela Perricciolo ended up in hospital for drug abuse, Prati said she was plagiarized by the agents. In front of Silvia Toffanin, the Sardinian showgirl let herself go to tears, declaring that she fell in love with a man who does not exist.

Many believed in his confession, but others believed that there is something else behind it. According to Dagospia, Prati would have a large debt, caused by her passion for bingo, and would have risked foreclosure. To push her to invent the ghost wedding with Caltagirone therefore it would have been the need to make cash.

In the meantime, Eliana Michelazzo has denied some statements made to Verissimo by Prati, showing her conversations with Mark Caltagirone. The woman showed the messages she would exchange with the phantom businessman before the interview released on Sunday Live in which Pamela cried after receiving the drawings of Rebecca and Sebastian, the children in foster care, from D’Urso.

In the exchange of messages, Caltagirone jokes with Eliana and talks about the children, showing her the drawings that portray Prati and the house where the family will move to Miami. A fake or proof that even the Sardinian showgirl lies?

Difficult to understand, especially because the network of lies is becoming more and more dense. In the meantime, Michelazzo has released another shocking interview in which she spoke of Simone Coppi, the man with whom she has been married for ten years and who does not really exist. For Eliana it would have been invented by her partner Pamela Perricciolo.

"I have wasted ten years of my life – he confessed in a radio interview with Giada Di Miceli -. For me, the evening is a nightmare. I specifically asked a psychologist for advice. I will do my psychological treatments, I will be followed by someone. I am sick, I am mentally ill. I will do my psychological sessions, now go and trust nobody. Now I have to think about healing. I am now ill, I have a mental split, so I asked the doctor for help. "

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