Processionary women, what to do in case of contact with children

Processionary women, what to do in case of contact with children

Processionaries can cause dermatitis and hives. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains how to behave if children come into contact

Any contact with processionaries can be risky, not only for animals, but also for children, especially if they are very young.

What they cause

Processionaries are the larvae of a butterfly and can be found mainly in pine forests, near oaks, larches, chestnuts, birches and hazelnuts. The hairs of the processionary moth separate from the larva when touched or by the action of the wind. If you come into contact, they can cause dermatitis, urticaria and very rarely real anaphylactic shocks due to severe allergic reactions due to repeated contact.

What to do in case of contact

Therefore, it is better to stay away from processionaries. But if a child comes into contact with this animal, there are some general precautions to keep in mind, although you should always consult a doctor.

In case of contact with the skin, wash well with soap and water and, if recommended, apply a cortisone cream. In case of contact with the eyes, also in this case it is necessary to rinse with plenty of water. However, if particularly significant complaints appear, it is good to take the child to the emergency room.

Then pay attention to pets, especially dogs because contact with processionaries can cause dangerous ailments such as swelling of the tongue and difficulty in breathing.

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