Radiant Kate on Intagram: photography to tell the story of the pandemic

Radiant Kate on Intagram: photography to tell the story of the pandemic

Kate Middleton has always had a passion for photography and on Instagram she talks about how it is helping her to exorcise the period we are living through

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Burgundy sweater, camera in hand and spontaneous smile: this is the new beautiful photo that portrays Kate Middleton in a simple but precious moment, while she is intent on taking some shots.

The image was published on the Kensington Palace Instagram profile and immortalizes the Duchess of Cambridge struggling with her great passion: photography. She herself speaks in the few lines that accompany the photo: "When, in the decades to come, we look back at the Covid-19 pandemic, we will think about the challenges we have all faced: the loved ones we have lost, the prolonged isolation from our families and from our friends and the tension for our health workers – he writes – But we will also remember the positive aspects: the incredible acts of kindness, the heroes who emerged from all walks of life and how together we have adapted to a new normal. Through Hold Still, I wanted to use the power of photography to crystallize what we have all experienced, to capture people's stories and document significant moments ”.

The reference is to the photographic project he carried out during the lockdown, with which he invited everyone to take and share a piece of life immortalized in this strange period of isolation that we are all experiencing due to the pandemic. A way to exorcise what is happening and to fix it in the memory as something that has also had positive aspects, such as the ability to slow down and enjoy the little things that today finally regain importance. From that initiative, a book was born today, which collects the 100 most beautiful images selected by Kate for a digital exhibition among the more than 30,000 arrivals.

"I am an amateur photographer and I learned everything through the exercise" said the Duchess some time ago, who on Instagram signed herself with a simple "C", which stands for Catherine. "I had more time to take pictures of my children, which in the last period, due to the coronavirus emergency, are always around us. And it's fantastic, ”revealed Kate, who had previously posted on social media some shots of her children taken by her.

“One of my favorite things about photography is its ability to capture real life moments, I love that the images are as authentic as possible. In short, there is no need for staging or tidying up the house, the most beautiful set is already set up in front of you ".

Kate photography

Kate Middleton radiant on Instagram

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