Raffaella Carrà, the disease kept a secret and the last wish

The disease kept secret and the last wish: farewell to Raffaella Carrà, TV icon

The disease kept secret and the last wish: Raffaella Carrà passed away at 78, surrounded by the affection of her loved ones, upsetting the world of entertainment. In fact, no one – if not the closest people – was aware of the disease that had struck Carrà for several months and against which the TV icon, with courage, was fighting.

To tell about Raffaella's choice to keep the pathology that struck her secret was Sergio Japino, her historical partner who, even after the end of their love, never abandoned her, remaining by her side. A disease, the one diagnosed by Carrà, which she had decided to hide for a very specific reason.

"For some time he had attacked that body of his so small and yet so full of overflowing energy – said Japino -. Hers is an unstoppable force, which has imposed her at the top of the world star system, an iron will that has never abandoned her until the very last, making sure that nothing of her profound suffering was leaked. Yet another gesture of love for her audience and for those who shared her affection, so that her personal ordeal would not disturb the bright memory of her ".

Raffaella had therefore chosen to live the pain of the disease privately, so as not to cancel the strength of her laugh and the memory of an extraordinary woman, always smiling and active. The family has not added details regarding what happened, but TgCom24 reports, through some rumors, that Carrà would have received a diagnosis of lung cancer months ago, just when she was planning to return to TV.

“Thank you all, you have showered me with good wishes. Your affection moves me. I embrace you and wish you a summer with a return to normal ", he wrote last June 18 in his last social post, when no one could yet imagine what ordeal he was going through. In those days Raffaella was fighting her battle, with her usual courage, surrounded by the love of her grandchildren Federica and Matteo and the daughters of Gianni Boncompagni.

In those moments, as Japino revealed, Carra would also have expressed her last wish. "He asked for a simple unfinished wooden coffin and an urn to contain his ashes – said the director -. In the saddest hour, always unique and inimitable, like her overwhelming laugh ".

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