Raimondo Todaro confesses about Elisa Isoardi and the alleged new love

Raimondo Todaro confesses about Elisa Isoardi and the alleged new love

Raimondo Todaro confesses about the relationship with Elisa Isoardi and the alleged new love with Sara Arfaoui

Elisa Isoardi, the 38 years of the presenter between private life and television

Raimondo Todaro confesses about Elisa Isoardi and the alleged new love with Sara Arfaoui. The dancer and choreographer of Dancing with the Stars and The Masked Singer, returned to talk about his private life in a long interview with the weekly Nuovo. After the farewell to Francesca Tocca, with whom he had his daughter Jasmine, Raimondo had become very close to the former lender of La Prova del Cuoco.

Thanks to the program of Milly Carlucci, the dancer and the presenter had appeared very close and close, so much so as to hypothesize the birth of a love story. After the adventure of Dancing with the Stars, however, Raimondo had been spotted with Sara Arfaoui, Professor of Inheritance. Todaro, who gave a long interview to the weekly Nuovo, to clarify the situation, stating that his heart is free.

“I have no history, neither with Sara nor with other girls – he said -. If I go for a coffee with a friend, they immediately give me a relationship ". In fact, the dancer now wants to focus exclusively on the daughter to whom he is very attached. "The only woman in my life is my daughter Jasmine," he clarified. Todaro then spoke of the bond with Elisa Isoardi with whom a splendid friendship was born. The relationship did not turn into love as many had hoped for. “We remained on good terms – he confirmed -. Sure, Elisa and I don't see each other as before. But I always have a thought for her ".

Some time ago Elisa Isoardi had also talked about the relationship with Todaro, denying the possibility of a love story with the dancer after the farewell to Matteo Salvini and the brief flirtation with Alessandro Di Paolo. "Between us there is friendship and great esteem and nothing else – he clarified -. Raimondo is a wonderful man. Thanks to him I discovered that I could count on one person. I fell in love with the couple we were. Seen from the outside, I know it well, we made us dream. Then, when the spotlights were turned off, there remained the friendship and the desire to hear from each other on the phone, the desire to know how we are. We talk every day ”.

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