Rania of Jordan fabulous in denim: she teaches us how to wear jeans

Rania of Jordan goes on a mission on behalf of Prince Charles and enchants with jeans: an amazing effect to copy

Who is Salma, the beautiful daughter of Rania of Jordan

Rania di Giordania never ceases to amaze us with her looks. The Queen manages to transform the most casual of outfits – t-shirts and jeans – into a refined outfit, giving us a real lesson in style. No one dresses better than her in denim, not even Meghan Markle is at her level.


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Rania of Jordan on a mission for Carlo

Rania of Jordan visited the Turquoise Mountain showroom and workshop in Jabal Amman, a district of the Jordanian capital. It is a non-governmental organization born in Scotland and then extended to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar, to promote local craft traditions, recover historical areas to create new jobs and professionals in the area.

The organization was founded in 2006 by Charles and therefore we could say in a broad sense that Rania of Jordan was on a mission on behalf of the Prince of Wales.

Rania of Jordan, the perfect jeans

The Queen, who recently posted a photo with her daughters on Instagram, came to the workshop with a decidedly informal outfit, but of great impact. Rania in fact dared to wear a brown t-shirt that she paired with a pair of wide-leg jeans, from the vintage that recalls the seventies. The result is simply perfect.

Her Majesty teaches us how a simple pair of jeans with the right combination and studied accessories can turn into a refined and impressive look.

The dark blue Seventies jeans are from the Chloé brand. Rania completes the look with an ethnic-style leather shoulder bag by Jimmy Choo that combines with a pair of pointed pumps and high heels, again in leather. Very little jewelry: a pair of discreet earrings and the watch. Natural make-up and long hair left to fall over the shoulders in uneven waves. Simply a charm, as the photos shared on Instagram show.

Rania of Jordan beats Letizia of Spain and Meghan Markle

Certainly Rania is not the first crowned head to dress in denim. Meghan Markle immediately after marrying Harry in 2018 showed herself in public in a denim dress. Letizia of Spain also wore denim dresses several times with excellent results. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, opts for classic jeans, ranging from blue to black, for sporting occasions, without ever really giving in to denim with more elegant looks in formal situations.

On the other hand, Rania di Giordania with this look has reached the pinnacle of refinement and good taste, demonstrating that you can have class even with simple jeans.

Rania of Jordan jeans

Rania of Jordan, the photo shared on Instagram

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