Rania of Jordan gives in to the color of power: the dreamy pink suit

Rania of Jordan gives in to the color of power: the dreamy pink suit

Rania of Jordan is inspired by Letizia of Spain and Kate Middleton and enchants with the pink pantsuit of power

Kate Middleton, Letizia of Spain and the others: pink Queen looks

Rania of Jordan has enchanted the world by sharing an official photo on Instagram that portrays her with a pink suit, while with her husband Abd Allah she observes some objects made thanks to the Productive Youth Program which helps young people to transform their talents into concrete projects.

Therefore, even Rania of Jordan gives in to the charm of pink, or more precisely gives in to the charm of the pink suit, that is, the favorite look of the most elegant crowned heads in the world, such as Letizia of Spain, Kate Middleton and Victoria of Sweden.

Each of them has a suit jacket and trousers in a candy color and each of them wore it on special occasions or in particularly dramatic moments, during the first wave of the virus.

The feminine color par excellence, today pink is increasingly an image of power, an expression of the strength of women who are called to carry out public offices. Queen Elizabeth already knew this, and for decades she has been using this shade in all its shades, from pastel shades to the brightest fuchsia.

The suit chosen by Rania di Giordania, however, differs from that of Letizia and Kate, who preferred the solid color, for checks made up of thin white lines that make it perfect for spring. The suit is signed Calvin Kline and belongs to the Resort 2019 collection, but pink is absolutely trendy also in 2021.

Note the double-breasted jacket with contrasting black buttons and large volumes, recently also adopted by Letizia of Spain who recently showed off maxi outfits, like the top with extra large sleeves. As for Rania's trousers, they are cigarette-shaped and to slim the figure the Queen of Jordan combines them with thin-heeled white shoes.

Another difference compared to the looks of her royal “colleagues”, Rania makes it by giving up shirts or tops to wear under the jacket. The blazer is worn alone, strictly buttoned, to create a minimal and stylized effect.

Rania of Jordan

Rania of Jordan shares the photo with the pink suit on Instagram

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