Rejuvenate for 5 years in seconds? The secret is in the eyebrows!

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What is the right color for our brows? Obviously the natural one, but we often dye them: here’s how to correctly choose the color for the summer.

The eyebrows are a very important element for the expressiveness of our face. This means that the shape and color of the eyebrows have a very profound influence on the general appearance of our face.

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Who has the very clear and poorly defined eyebrows very often chooses to dye them, to laminate them or even to tattoo them. In this way they return to the gaze definition, expressiveness and depth.

Just like all the other hairs on our body, eyebrows lighten over time and, if they fall off, they begin to grow back more slowly.

This implies that interventions to recreate, darken and modify the eyebrows begin to become indispensable to our beauty routine around the age of 50.

In some cases, however, mistakes are made that could worsen our final look rather than improve it. Here’s what they are and how to avoid them.

The right color for the eyebrows in the summer: rejuvenate in seconds

One of the recommendations that we hear most often when talking about make-up suitable for women over 40 and of avoid dark colors in favor of light and possibly neutral colors.

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The reason is that dark colors harden the look, they “close” it and make the expression on our face appear more severe.

This implies an “immediate aging”: it is no coincidence that very young girls prefer eye makeup based on gray or black to look older.

This concept can also be applied to eyebrow and hair color. Especially if you have very fair skin but no longer very young, very dark hair and eyebrows tend to age us.

Also there shape of the eyebrows it is absolutely fundamental: the more angular and hard, the older the face will appear and the unpleasant expression. Here you will find a handy guide on how to choose and make the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

If during the winter the look could still be acceptable, by virtue of the fact that in the winter our skin is naturally pale, in the summer things get complicated.

Choose a very dark color for eyebrows in summer is a mistake, especially because the face takes on a golden hue, which minimizes contrasts and makes the color of our skin more homogeneous.

Much better then opt for a less dark color, possibly warm and not cold. In this way the eyebrows will harmonize better with the color of the rest of the face, which will appear younger, brighter and with a softer expression.

If you use the pencils to color the eyebrows, the secret is in choosing dark brown pencils and not black for very dark eyebrows, e light brown or gray pencils for very light eyebrows, especially for completely blond ones.

After the age of 50 using a pencil or black pigment to draw the eyebrows is absolutely wrong. The effect will be very fake, unpleasant and harsh.

A good idea is to use a mix of pencils: more dark and hard to define the corners, that is, the ends of the eyebrow, and slightly softer and lighter to fill the central part.

To avoid a “cartoon” effect it will be essential lightly blend the color by passing a small brush over it with which the hairs will be combed from bottom to top.

To fix everything, don’t forget to apply a eyebrow gel, able to fix makeup and hold hairs in place.

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