Rejuvenate your hands with the most effective and cheapest natural makeup!

ringiovanire mani trucchi naturali

Do you know that you have the opportunity to rejuvenate your hands using natural methods? We will reveal them to you!

Many of us take care of our face but neglect the part of the body that usually reveals our age first, the hands.

rejuvenate hands natural tricks


In fact, between UV rays, harsh soaps and exposure to chemicals our hands can age very quickly.

How to rejuvenate your hands naturally

If you suffer from dry skin or you’ve noticed sunspots or wrinkles, it’s time to run for cover. Most of these problems can be solved at home and with products that can be purchased at the pharmacy, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on treatments.

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For this reason we want to help you take care of your hands in the best possible way. How? Just follow the advice which you find below.


Soap can make your hands super clean, but too much can compromise the proteins and lipids in the skin that keep your hands from drying out.

Advise: Do not use antibacterial soaps, which have not been shown to work better than soap and water. Rather washed with a mild cleanser that contains an occlusive such as shea butter or coconut oil. Once this is done, all you have to do is apply a moisturizer that contains the same moisturizing ingredients found in the hand cleanser.


As we age, the hands lose fat and the veins become more noticeable. Compounding the problem is sun exposure which breaks down the collagen and elastin in our hands.

Advise: You can hide the appearance of the veins with a high-strength concealer. You can use a glycol or retinol cream to stimulate collagen production.


Whenever there is constant friction in an area of ​​the hand, the skin reacts by becoming thicker.

Advise: You can reduce calluses by dipping your hands in hot water. Now proceed by exfoliating the area with a pumice stone or body scrub. You can also apply a moisturizer with urea, a humectant which breaks down and softens the callus.


Since the hands are a part of the body that is constantly used, it is more prone to a loss of firmness, which can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Advise: Switch to a hand cream with hyaluronic acid. This will only temporarily increase the volume of the skin thanks to hydration, which fills the wrinkles. The cream will reduce the amount by signaling the skin to produce more collagen and increase the thickness of the top layer.

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