Remedies for boils: what to do if a pimple appears

Garlic and lemon wraps. Mixtures of sour cream and pumpkin. Soap and toothpaste. The Japanese even recommend green tea ice cubes. Against pimples there are those who have really tried them all. Dermatologists call them poetically “efflorescence”, skin blooms, a term that makes it very delicate. Because this is the basic error: treating them with the hard way, attacking them, squeezing them, massacring them.

Cleanse carefully

If it’s red, sore, and itchy, the pimple is in inflammatory phase: the barrier function is altered, the natural defenses of the skin are knocked out and a wrong move can do great damage. “Touch it as little as possible. Cleanse the area with a gel, a mousse or a liquid with sebum-regulating active ingredients, alpha hydroxy acids such as low concentration glycolic acid or 2% salicylic acid, and anti-inflammatories such as niacinamide “, he recommends Maddalena Montalbano, dermatologist and aesthetic doctor. “Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a smooth towel, without rubbing“.

Some are also useful natural disinfectants such as burdock root, purifying and antibacterial. Antonella Filippiexpert in herbal medicine and natural cosmetics, recommends using it to prepare decoctions to rub on the pimple. «Take 15 g of root, leave to infuse in a cup of boiling water for a quarter of an hour then pass it over the area with gauze several times a day, for a couple of days. Lavender flowers, disinfectants, or pansy, healing (30 g for each) are also good ”. When the pimple is clean and dry, apply an antibiotic cream based on erythromycin or clindamycin.

Squeeze or not?

Better not. It irritates the skin and it does not heal well, risking bad scars. But second Antonino Di Pietro, dermatologist and director of the Vita Cutis Dermoclinical Institute, if the pimple does not show signs of healing it can be useful to open a way out for the pus. “When the boil is ripe, arm yourself with a sterile injection needle and prick the top of the membrane that covers it, letting the material escape,” he explains. “You can speed up emptying by placing your fingertips (not your fingernails) on the sides of the incision and gently pressing down. Clean up the area using a non-alcoholic disinfectant and a gauze and apply the antibiotic cream for three days ».

Never touch it if it pops up in cursed places like the eyebrow (if it crusts and comes off, the hair underneath doesn’t grow back) or the upper lip (lots of blood vessels start from here). “For these circumstances”, Maddalena Montalbano emphasizes, “there are Sos products on the market based on shale oil, green clay and thermal water: applied in the evening, they do reabsorb the pustule in one night ».

Cover it with make up

Choose non-occlusive and non-comedogenic formulas, otherwise you risk the boomerang effect. “To neutralize the redness of the initial stages, take a compact concealer of a color similar to the complexion and apply it on top of the foundation by tapping it with your fingertips”, explains the make-up artist Rossano de Cesaris. «Otherwise, mix a small dose of green concealer with the concealer in tone with the complexion and apply it after the foundation.

If the pimple is very red and inflamed, use a small amount of mauve green concealerblend and fix with a little loose powder, then apply the foundation by dabbing with the sponge (it should not be rubbed). If, on the other hand, there is already a white dot, the concealer may not attack: apply a light layer with the brush, fix it with a little powder and then put it on again, blending it ».

Two purifying masks

  • «If the lesion evolves into the pustular phase, with the appearance of the white head, apply one soothing and sebum-reducing mask based on azelaic acid, natural antibacterial, calamine powder (antiseptic), probiotics and zinc gluconate, with a sebum-regulating action », advises dermatologist Maddalena Montalbano. “Leave on for 10 minutes (if you have a lot of impurities apply it all over your face), then remove the mask with a wet wipe and finish with the antibiotic cream ».
  • If you prefer natural recipes, you can try the tomato mask, with an astringent and purifying action. “Take a ripe tomato, remove peel and seeds, crush the pulp and mix it with two tablespoons of white flour, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of almond oil ”, explains Antonella Filippi. «Massage the mixture especially on the boil, leave it to act for a few minutes, remove and rinse first with warm water, then with cold water with lemon juice».

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