Rice diet: how to lose two pounds in a week



Below you will find a menu developed by the professor Nicola Sorrentino, nutritionist, made from rice. This cereal helps to deflate, to eliminate excess toxins, stimulates diuresis. In short, the rice diet promotes a deep detoxification of the organism. Which you can follow to make a detox day.

The 24-hour pattern is in line with Professor Sorrentino’s method, called the “Rice diet”. You can follow the program even for a week to lose a couple of kilos, useful for burning fat and activating the metabolism.

Because rice is an ally of the diet

The protagonist of the menu you find below is the ricetraditionally considered an enemy of the line like other carbohydrates: “The most up-to-date studies have shown that, although the caloric content is quite high, carbohydrates predispose to being overweight much less than proteins and fats because our body disposes of them quickly. First of all, rice, which satisfies for a long time and is easily digested ”, explains Sorrentino.

The secret to eating it and not getting fat is season it with light vegetable-based sauces flavored with aromatic herbsspices and a little extra virgin olive oil or rice. The rice plus legumes associationthen, it allows to obtain a nutritionally complete dish.

The rice diet

The diet proposed here is rich in seasonal vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, draining herbal teas, extra virgin olive oil and, of course, rice, preferably wholemeal. It does not include foods of animal origin, which hinder cellular purification and, in the case of dairy products, swell.

Breakfast 1 bar of rice and dark chocolate, 1 coffee or tea with sweetener, 1 glass of rice or almond milk, 30 g of whole oat flakes

Snack 1 citrus juice or 10 almonds

Lunch 1 plate of tomato soup with rice cakes

Snack 1 crunchy dried fruit or 15 pistachios

Dinner 1 plate of cooked or raw vegetables to taste with 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar or rice and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or rice + 120 g of brown rice with 100 g of lentils

After dinner 1 fruit to taste + 1 herbal tea of ​​fennel, star anise, mint, lime, chamomile and ginger

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