Roberto Bolle changes his life and reveals what he thinks of Amici di Maria De Filippi

Roberto Bolle changes his life and reveals what he thinks of Amici di Maria De Filippi

Roberto Bolle changes his life, becoming a teacher, and reveals what he thinks of "Amici" by Maria De Filippi

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Roberto Bolle changes his life and reveals what he thinks of Amici di Maria De Filippi. The dancer revealed in a long interview with Corriere della Sera that he had become a teacher. After years on stage and very hard training, Bolle is ready to be a professor. Already some time ago, the étoile announced that it would withdraw and this change in its existence would already begin, accelerated by the pandemic.

“As with everyone, my life has changed – he explained -. I was used from a very young age to travel, to have many commitments, fixed well in advance. Everything is still. And I have always been unable to stay away from the dance hall for more than 48 hours: I feel the call, it is also a physical need. It was a real upheaval. But here we are, with this project we have found one more way to go back ”.

Roberto Bolle said he started teaching dance to very young artists who dream of working in the world of dance: “It was my first experience and I think I will mature and improve in this role – he confided -. I certainly felt good: I have always loved working with young people, with talent. I have made all my experience available … oh my God not all, I still have some in reserve ".

Bolle then recalled the teachers who have marked his career. A very hard path, but full of satisfactions that led him to become Étoile of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan and Principal Dancer of the American Ballet Theater in New York at the same time. “I think of Wilhelm Burmann: he really inspired me with his American lesson. It was a dance so different from the Russian one, more classical. Yet so typical – he confessed -. Well, I have one that terrified me: Patricia Ruanne, former director of the corps de ballet. Well, she made me really uncomfortable, once I even started crying in the rehearsal room ».

Finally Roberto Bolle revealed what he thinks of Amici di Maria De Filippi where many dancers struggle to win first place. "Maybe I would wait a little longer to do it", he replied when faced with the hypothesis of becoming a talent teacher. "For now I would not want teaching to become my main commitment, I would like to continue dancing – he concluded -. But I believe that talents are good for dance, they have the merit of widening the audience. The important thing is to do them well: I appreciate when I see talents at work, when they show beautiful dance. Less so when it ends in squabbles or controversies… and I don't like it when students attack teachers, even insulting them: it is detrimental ”.

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