Rose lover? Discover all the Pixi Beauty products dedicated to this fragrance!

Rose lover? Discover all the Pixi Beauty products dedicated to this fragrance!

Fresh, feminine, intoxicating and classic: if the scent of the rose fascinates you, you can't miss the Pixi Beauty collection dedicated to her

With the spring on our doorstep, even our routine skincare needs a boost of vitality, with products suitable for the change of season, versatile to be able to adapt to a few days still rather cold but also to the first suns.

And then let's face it, what is more beautiful than spring with its long walks, blossoming flowers and that typical perfume that immediately puts you in a good mood?

And for lovers of floral fragrances, Pixi Beauty, the British skincare brand, has created a whole line dedicated to the flower symbol of love, beauty and femininity: the rose.

Let's find out all the products of this line, which I had the opportunity to test for you to give you all my impressions!


A cleansing cream with rose and chamomile extract, a real nourishing face cuddle: rose flower oil is moisturizing, chamomile is soothing and avocado oil is restorative and emollient.
It is used after the makeup removal phase to remove all impurities and dirt residues but thanks to its active ingredients it does not dry the skin and is also suitable for the most sensitive. To remove it, use a warm microfibre cloth to open the pores and prepare the skin for the next treatment.

Source: Pixi Beauty


After cleansing it is passed to the tonic, to rebalance the PH of the skin, refresh it and eliminate further residues. It does not contain alcohol so it is not aggressive but contains extract of rose flower and soothing chamomile, elderflower to brighten and it is excellent to reduce redness. The smell of flowers is relaxing and brings joy! It is applied with a cotton pad by dabbing it onto the face and for an even more decongestant effect you can tap with your fingers until absorbed.

Source: Sephora Italia


The Rose Glow Mist is a multi-use beauty water, rich in beneficial ingredients for the skin. Contains oils extracted from flowers, essential fatty acids and antioxidants in a biphasic formula. Obviously rose oil is present, perfect for redness because it is soothing and, among others, also argan oil, a true beauty elixir and nourishing avocado oil.

It can be used to cool off during the day, providing hydration and active ingredients for the skin, but also before makeup as a light primer, instead of the tonic and also as a spray setting after makeup to eliminate the dusty effect of powder or increase its duration. I often put it in my bag to carry it around during long days of work and use it even on photo shoots!

Source: Pixi Beauty


To be used after the tonic, both in the morning and in the evening, it is an essence-serum containing moisturizing and nourishing flower oils that actively act on the brightness of the skin, both in the immediate application and in the long term. Contains damask rose oil, pink geranium oil, sunflower oil and Ylang-Ylang oil, encapsulated in micro-pearls that break off on contact with the skin, releasing all their tonifying and antioxidant boost. Perfect for a burst of energy in the morning!

Source: Pixi Beauty


In the evening it is good to prefer more full-bodied treatments, which have all night to be absorbed by the skin. This oil is nourishing, antioxidant thanks to the pomegranate seed oil and dog rose and loaded with vitamins to help restore deep hydration to the skin, countering the signs of aging. It has a protective and restorative action and, for those who do not like too oily textures, just apply it by wetting their hands to create an emulsion that is quickly absorbed with a massage.

Source: Sephora Italia


A product of which we have already spoken and included among the favorite products, is a versatile multi-function conditioner, perfect also for traveling. It is used as a moisturizing balm, as a primer before makeup but also as an intensive mask, to be repeated 2-3 times a week. It contains, among other active ingredients, smoothing olive oil, water and rose extract.

Source: Pixi Beauty


If your skin needs a lot of hydration, Rose Ceramide Cream is ideal. A rich cream with rose flower oil and rosemary oil, elasticizing and smoothing. With a blend of antioxidants, probiotics and ceramide for extra protection from the ravages of time and external agents. A real treat, especially for the evening skincare!

Source: Pixi Beauty


As a final touch, after a skincare so complete routine and after completing the makeup can not miss the fixing spray, which increases the duration. In addition to prolonging the make-up, it has a soothing, refreshing and moisturizing action thanks to rose water, willow bark extract and even green tea, a powerful antioxidant against free radicals. In a single action the makeup is safe and the skin, despite the makeup, hydrates.

Source: Sephora Italia

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