Rude and stinging, here are the signs that they are not tactful in saying what they think

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Not all zodiac signs are good and kind. Some can also be very abrupt, and one is particularly abrupt.

Our astrological belonging gives us distinguishing features which can be read as quality or defects. Among the various defects stands out that of being pungent and outspoken for the sign of which we will talk to you today.

stinging sign

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If there is a sign that always says what it thinks without turning around and without sweetening the pill, that is the sign known to be the most mysterious of the horoscope, do you understand who it is?

Scorpio is the most direct sign of the zodiac

When Scorpio shoots his arrow it goes straight and hits exactly right. These arrows are poisonous and hurt, they come without warning, like a cold shower and once the stone is thrown it Scorpio he does not fail to motivate and argue for a long time and with precision the reasons that generated his bitter judgment.

stinging sign

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Do not expect a joke from this sign and go, this sign pulverizes its bone to the last shred. Especially if he is wronged he can be tenaceous and vindictive like no other.

If Scorpio is defined as a sign introverted and mysterious it is because he does not like to talk about himself and make confidences very much. Before letting go she has to trust her interlocutor and before trusting she tests him several times. The moment he gets to trust someone he does not admit to being hurt or betrayedthe one who looks adorable and charming becomes a monster who does not hesitate to show all his wickedness, a facet of character that should never be underestimated.

Scorpio is ruled by Marsplanet of war and from Plutowhich symbolizes destruction, finally its element is theWaterfallwhich makes him sensitive and susceptible.

After Scorpio is the Cancer to win the second place in the ranking of the most direct signs. Ruled by the Moon, responsible for the fluctuations of emotions, Cancer thinks and rethinks and especially if he feels resentment and above all remembers everything, Cancer does not forget. He is also a sign of water, in case he has been wronged it would be better to prepare to suffer an attack that he will not forget.

These two signs are direct and vindictive, on the other hand there are particularly good, charitable and patient signs, find out if you are part of the good or bad signs.

Obviously astrologers agree that the ascendant of each sign could greatly change the characteristics and personality of each individual.

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