Ruined socks will no longer be a problem with these nice remedies

For some it is a real obsession, for others they are just a garment like any other to wear to have warm feet and legs covered in freezing temperatures. Let’s find out how to give time to the socks already present in the drawer at home.

Better to get your hands on by specifying that at the moment we have not found any remedy for the socks that mysteriously disappear after the usual washing at forty degrees or in the suitcase change. We will see, however, how to avoid separating ourselves from our favorite socks that we find worn or frayed and also if it is possible to make the tights last longer than the time of a party with friends.

Socks and creative remedies 11-11-22.

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Here are the fastest and most effective remedies to make socks last a long time.

Socks mania: everything you need to know to “recycle” hosiery and pantyhose with holes

As already analyzed, there are various garments and accessories that over the years are ruined even without personally putting a hand in them. While everyone knows the trick of blocking the stretch mark in the tights with transparent nail polish (just a few passes in the part where it is spreading) other ideas are less so.

Fishnet stockings 11-11-22

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The multicolored socks or solid color (without stylized puppets) if too damaged at the ends of the sole of the foot they can be transformed into warms up muscles for the ankles or wrists. We will need a game of “cut and sew” but with one of the YouTube tutorials that we now use for all sorts of problems we will soon have the necessary skills!

A useful use is the one that will prevent us from buying fragrances for wardrobes at the supermarket. With our stocking (cotton is ideal) and your favorite essence in the form of dried flowers (a must is lavender) or literally crumbled soap, like the original Marseille one, we will have the desired aroma with little effort.

More current than ever, use old stockings like drafts it’s a brilliant alternative that will be copied by the people we invite home. By filling them with wool or garments that are in any case ruined and heavy, we will have a winning – and fun – method to keep the heat in the house that is in short supply with central heating.

Long gray socks 11-11-22.

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Without further modification, tying them together will act as a door or support for the beloved house plants.

With the right ideas and the desire to do (which will certainly be directly proportional to the beauty of the sock) we could even discover a new hobby, who knows.

Silvia Zanchi