Runner diet: born from the combination of food and physical activity

Runner diet: born from the combination of food and physical activity

A healthy, balanced and correct diet if linked to physical activity leads to satisfactory results and performance

Every day a runner associates sports with a healthy and balanced diet in order to achieve satisfactory results and always be in shape. Before relying on any DIY diet, you need to go to a nutritionist, in order to have a well balanced culinary calendar. A typical diet of the runner is given by a rich breakfast, not too caloric lunch and a light dinner. Eat healthy and obtain incredible results by following three small secrets: varying foods and avoiding static, combining courses so as not to overload the body and following the ancient saying of a king's breakfast, a prince's lunch and a farmer's dinner.

A runner-type diet consists of a coffee-based breakfast, a cereal and dried fruit bar, milk of animal or vegetable origin and a rich portion of fresh fruit. This can be replaced by a breakfast with a centrifuge of green leaves, toast with eggs and avocado, a portion of fresh or dehydrated fruit. Lunch can consist of quinoa with vegetables, fresh grilled salmon, cooked or raw vegetables. Alternatively you can prepare pasta with vegetables, a turkey breast with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil and raw or cooked vegetables. Dinner, the lightest meal can consist of: cheese, vegetable minestrone, avocado salad; or a focaccia of grilled vegetables, a portion of vegetables based on steamed Brussels sprouts.

From this short list we can see the significant difference between one meal and another. As for lunch, you need to take in more carbohydrates during training. However, there is a myth to dispel: taking too much protein does not mean increasing muscle. Choose white and non-red meats, remember that a high-protein diet is not recommended, because kidney and liver diseases can occur. In the lunch always vary the second (lean meats, fish, eggs and cheeses). Then follow a side dish of raw or cooked fruit and vegetables. Finally, prefer raw extra virgin olive oil to cooked oil.

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