Sabrina Ferilli and the other stars who bet on the white skirt: let’s copy them!

Sabrina Ferilli and the other stars who bet on the white skirt: let's copy them!

The white skirt is a bit like that pair of old jeans to which we are more than tied, we wear it only and exclusively when we know we are in perfect shape. While waiting for the treatments at the beautician and the uro diet to take effect, here are some ideas to wear it like Sabrina Ferilli does.

She always has a film that is about to go out to the cinema or some new shooting in which she shows herself smiling and with the latest fashion look suitable for her age and the bubbly personality that distinguishes her.

The stars in white skirts 18-5-22.

Source: Canva.

The beautiful and talented Sabrina Ferilli reminds us that a white skirt can make a difference and it does not need to be combined with basic pumps of the same color as she does (even if they look great). Let’s find out how to bring it to the gates of summer 2022.

Sabrina Ferilli in a white skirt shows an elegant and simple style that we like

Sarah Jessica Parker and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano make the same choice as the Italian actress by opting for a white skirt for the descents of a film and for public outings. She has never gone out of fashion but there are special occasions where she is more trendy than ever.

Sabrina Ferilli in a white skirt 18-5-22.

Source: Instagram.

For an excellent value for money there is the creamy white pencil skirt by Sisley. The hinted front slit and the waistband that highlights the silhouette are elegant details that call a high sandal, preferably black, and a soft silk blouse. The super star effect is guaranteed.

A decidedly more casual alternative is the skirt by Max Mara (on MyTheresa at 77 euros already discounted by 50%) to take with us for the weekend by the sea. Both during the day with a flat leather sandal and in the evening for an aperitif on the beach with an xxl sneakers, it is a must that lasts over time. The drawstring at the waist allows adaptability to multiple body sizes.

18-5-22 long white skirt.

Source: Pinterest.

Zara has the solutions for all requests – or almost, also for this reason it has been a brand on the crest of the wave for years. The white pleated skirt with mid-calf length is excellent for the ceremonies that mark the month of May in our country. The price is 79.95 euros.

Flora Canto chooses black and Sabrina Ferilli white. Two successful women with similar but different styles, both much loved by the public, know how to make the most of themselves and, also thanks to our fashion columns, we are all more aware of how to do it.

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