Sabrina Salerno, a real charm in a bikini. And announces a break from Instagram

Sabrina Salerno, a real charm in a bikini. And announces a break from Instagram

Sabrina Salerno announces a break from social media, but first publishes a magnificent shot in a bikini.

Sabrina Salerno queen of summer, hers are the most beautiful bikinis

Sabrina Salerno launches into a challenge: the singer has announced in her Instagram stories that she wants to take a break from the phone for at least three days. A competition against herself because – as she stated on her profile – the showgirl is too attached to the mobile phone.

I do it to test myself because we are now too dependent on this tool and this is a way to challenge myself because I realize that sometimes, even when I don't need a phone, I look for it and always find something to do with this mobile phone and not. it is possible to live like this.

So no social network for the 80s icon, who wants to enjoy the last days at the sea with a "detox diet" from everything that is virtual, giving up to update his most loyal fans: "I will only give the phone number to my husband and my son and if I like this challenge I can also do it for a week. "

Sabrina said she was very determined to carry on this challenge with the help of her husband Enrico Monti and with her son Luca Maria, but before taking on this bet, she wanted to share one last magnificent shot in a bikini, accompanied by this phrase: " They are as they are, take it or leave it ”.
Stunning physique, a sky-blue swimsuit and loose shorts: Sabrina Salerno is always a charm even at 52 and her youthful (and almost rebellious) look has conquered everyone once again.

The look recalls the one sported in the 80s, which Sabrina posted on her Instagram a few days earlier: backcombed hair, prominent earrings, a low-cut bodysuit and the inevitable shorts, which have been a real must for the showgirl for thirty years. But, of course, to steal the show are always the magnificent forms of Salerno, which have not changed at all in all these years.

For her, time never seems to pass, but not only aesthetically: Sabrina is always a successful, strong woman who has marked the Italian pop culture, and beyond, with her thousands of records sold. After all, Amadeus chose her to tread the stage of Sanremo 2020 also for this reason, as well as for her enchanting stage presence.

Sabrina Salerno

Sabrina Salerno gorgeous in blue bikini and shorts – Source: Instagram

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