Sabrina Salerno without makeup and in a bikini at 52 is gorgeous: no one as beautiful as her

Sabrina Salerno without makeup and in a bikini at 52 is gorgeous: no one as beautiful as her

Sabrina Salerno shows herself on Instagram in bikini and without makeup at 52: the singer has never been so beautiful

Without makeup and in a bikini: Sabrina Salerno shows herself soap and water on Instagram and it is impossible not to be impressed by her beauty. Singer, presenter and showgirl: at 52 Sabrina is a strong and successful woman, but above all she has not lost a pinch of her charm. An internationally renowned artist, he has always been on the crest of the wave, thanks to a perfect mix of beauty, talent and intelligence.

Discovered by Claudio Cecchetto, in the Eighties it became a music icon, depopulating with successful hits from Sexy Girl to Boys (Summertime Love). His fame did not stop in Italy, but went as far as Great Britain (where he climbed the charts) and France. From TV to theater, up to cinema: Sabrina Salerno is an all-round artist and today boasts a sales record: 20 million records sold in Italy and abroad.

A huge success that hasn't changed it. At 52, Sabrina is an artist much loved by her fans who follow her on Instagram, she is married to the entrepreneur Enrico Monti and has a son, Luca Maria. Salerno was recently among the protagonists of Sanremo 2020 alongside Fiorello and Amadeus. Now, after many commitments on stage and the lockdown, the singer is enjoying some well-deserved rest with her family.

In the shots and videos posted on social media, Salerno is not afraid to show herself without makeup and soap and water is even more beautiful. In a bikini, the star relaxes with her friends and her husband, revealing that she is in great shape. Time seems to have stopped for her and, on the contrary, she is even more beautiful than she was at the beginning of her career.

“I'm like that by chance and by choice – she told Vanity Fair some time ago talking about her great physical shape -: I'm lucky and I'll kill myself in the gym. Now I've started doing pole dance too, which is really challenging. Luckily I consume, because I eat at least twice as much as any woman I know. (…) Cher is a bit of my myth, I often say to my husband: get ready, I want to age like her. I think that as long as you recognize yourself in what you do, and enjoy yourself, that's okay. If Madonna feels good in her bdsm look at 61 who are we to tell her she has to dress like a bourgeois lady? Then, as we know, middle-class ladies are the worst ".

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