Salamini alla Cacciatora and Mortadella Bologna at the French Republic Day at Palazzo Farnese

Salamini alla Cacciatora and Mortadella Bologna at the French Republic Day at Palazzo Farnese

In the prestigious setting of the French Embassy in Rome, two Ambassadors of excellence: Daniele Reponi for the Italian Cacciatore and Marisa Maffeo for the Bologna Mortadella will lead a special session of the “DELI.MEAT Academy”.

Italian products of excellence at the French Republic Day

“DELI.MEAT Academy” stops in Rome on 14 July at the French Embassy in Palazzo Farnese, to celebrate the “French Republic Day”.

For the special occasion, two exclusive guided tastings are scheduled by two Ambassadors: Daniele Reponi for the Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora DOP and Marisa Maffeo for the Mortadella Bologna IGP. Both will offer a series of gourmet sandwiches with original combinations aimed at enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of the two products.

In detail, the recipe menu.

Italian salamini alla Cacciatora DOP

  • Cacciatore, fresh figs, goat cheese.
  • Cacciatore, spinach with butter.
  • Cacciatore, seared cabbage, green apple, alpine cheese.

Mortadella Bologna PGI

  • White pizza with Russian salad and mortadella (the Russian salad involves the use of the French sauce which recalls the spirit of the event).
  • Mortadella, brie, honey, walnuts.
  • Mortadella, french dressing, lettuce, tomato.

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But what is Delimeat Academy?

The communication of the “DELI.MEAT Academy” is an initiative that is part of the “DELI.MEAT Delicious Moments European Authentic Taste” program, the promotional and information project that unites three agri-food consortia for the protection of PDO and PGI cured meats, co-financed by the European Union and aimed at the Italian and French markets.

The campaign involves the promotion of the following food excellences: Mortadella Bologna PGI, Salamini Italiani alla Cacciatora PDO, Zampone Modena PGI and Cotechino Modena PGI with the aim of helping to increase their level of knowledge and recognition and competitiveness and conscious consumption in America and in France.