Mother’s Day: gift ideas to tell her you love her

Mother's Day: gift ideas to tell her you love her

Like every year, in May it’s time for Mother’s Day. An anniversary that is also an opportunity to experience the family more closely. Celebrate mum to celebrate an indissoluble family union, which does not need to be remembered but only to be lived in company.

That’s why celebrating is still very important today: it’s a way to make our mothers feel our love and support.

We at Tipsforwomens have chosen many gift ideas for you that you can buy online and have them delivered directly to your mother’s home to tell her that you love her: solidarity gifts, with which to make a contribution to scientific research or help other less fortunate mothers, but even small cuddles to give a moment of well-being and relaxation.

Discover the best gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

Solidarity gifts to celebrate mom

The AIRC Research Azalea, available online for the first time

Since 1985, the year of the first edition of this solidarity initiative, the AIRC Research Azalea has been one of the most popular gifts for Mother’s Day, because it adds the opportunity to support research against female cancer to the thought for mothers.

AIRC azaleas are usually distributed in squares throughout America thanks to the commitment of over 20,000 volunteers; but since the Coronavirus emergency, know that the AIRC Research Azalea has incredibly landed online too: it can in fact be ordered on Amazon with a click and received at home in total tranquility.

Because, as stated on the website dedicated to this initiative, “Mum you are a flower!”. Click to order your AIRC Research Azalea.

Veronesi Foundation: your contribution to scientific research

Even the Veronesi Foundation gives you the opportunity to support scientific research while making your mother feel your closeness. While it’s not possible this year to receive an e-card and discount code to send a bouquet of flowers to your mum, you can always donate via the site to a worthy cause!

Click to make a donation to the Veronesi Foundation.

ANT Italia Onlus Foundation: support assistance for cancer patients

The ANT Italia Onlus Foundation, which provides free specialist home assistance to cancer patients and cancer prevention, has activated a solidarity e-commerce in which to choose the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

A way to stay close to your mother while supporting the work of the ANT teams in the area: over 250 doctors and nurses on the front lines, even during the Covid-19 emergency, to continue to treat 3,000 sick people every day at home of tumor.

Click on the ANT Foundation e-commerce, select your province and choose a solidarity gift for your mum. Home delivery is free with a minimum order of 30 euros.

UNICEF America, Save the Children, Oxfam: on the side of less fortunate mothers

By celebrating your mother, you can also make a contribution to protecting the health of many mothers and their children who live in developing countries characterized by high maternal and infant mortality.

UNICEF America offers “Gifts for life”, with which you can support the commitment of volunteers by donating items that can save the life of a child and a mother, such as therapeutic milk, protein biscuits, but also a bicycle, very important for going to work or take the children to school or hospital.

Click and choose your Gift for the life of UNICEF America.

Save the Children also allows you to make a donation to help less fortunate mothers and their children, with kits and bodysuits for babies, contributions for distance learning to guarantee the right to study, food vouchers. Choose the gift you prefer and write a message of good wishes for your mum: she will receive a postcard with a photo of the intervention you helped support and a personalized text testifying to your gesture.

Click and choose Save the Children’s Solidarity Gifts.

You can also support mothers from all over the world with Oxfam Italia solidarity gifts: you will help them improve their living conditions, providing them with the resources to feed themselves and obtain an income from their work, thanks to investments in sustainable agriculture and development rural for the benefit of small producers and the environment.

After the donation, your mom will receive a special card.

Choose the solidarity gift on the Oxfam Italia website.

Beauty, wellness and relaxation: lots of ideas to pamper your mum

Alongside the solidarity gifts, we have also chosen for you some gifts dedicated to well-being and relaxation to pamper your mum: beauty boxes, herbal teas, jewels and a nice kit for growing edible flowers at home and adding a touch of color to favorite dishes.

Scroll through the gallery and discover the proposals.

The inevitable tree of life necklace

BRUBAKER Cosmetics set: per una body routine completa

Pukka selections, for a unique experience of herbal teas and infusions

Plant Theater Gourmet Flower Kit

Simple and classic: the Baci Perugina box (with a surprise)

Wonderbox Spa & Relax, to make things big

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