Tipsforwomens alongside Riccardo Tosetto for the Global Solo Challenge

Melarossa alongside Riccardo Tosetto for the Global Solo Challenge

An iconic, mythical, breath-taking feat. On board his Obportus sailboat, the Venetian skipper Riccardo Tosetto will participate in the Global Solo Challenge, the regatta that will take him to sail the oceans for a solo around the world. It starts in October 2023.

Tipsforwomens and Manzanaroja line up alongside Riccardo and his dream, to provide him with something more than simple support: the strength to go on an unforgettable journey, through tools and guidelines to survive in the open sea for so many months of crossing.

A crossing that he will make alone, isolated, on a boat of just 12 metres, non-stop and without assistance. As Riccardo says, it is the “Everest of sailing”. A crazy adventure, in the eyes of most, which will touch the three great capes: Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin and Cape Horn.

The strength of Tipsforwomens, the strength of Riccardo Tosetto

Eating well as a source of life, energy, health and well-being. Tipsforwomens, since it was born in the early 2000s, has always supported healthy nutrition as the basic “ingredient” of staying fit, accompanied by the right physical activity at all ages. This philosophy is supported by a portal that today boasts more than 20 million views a year, thanks to an audience that knows that Tipsforwomens is synonymous with trust.

A success that has crossed national borders, as evidenced by the birth and development of Manzanaroja, the diet for the Spanish and Latin world of the Tipsforwomens universe. That same trust was then the key to the results of the personalized diet service, based on the beneficial principles of the Mediterranean diet, our diet.

Today that diet has turned into an app downloaded by 6 million users, who find their menus to follow every day in Tipsforwomens, to lose weight and get back in shape or simply find serenity at the table and beyond. Because, as we know, the importance of choosing the right foods has a fundamental impact on the health of our body, on prevention and on everything our body is capable of doing.

The strength to feel good comes above all from a balanced diet – without giving up – and nutritionally sustainable and complete. And Riccardo Tosetto’s support comes from here: the choice of foods, the care in consuming them in the right way (and at the right time) and the control of the supply of nutrients necessary for a company that normally has very little.

The meeting between Tipsforwomens and Riccardo Tosetto

The feeling between the 35-year-old skipper Riccardo Tosetto, a native of the splendid Cittadella, and the world of Tipsforwomens was immediately instinctive. The sacred fire of “getting lost” among the seas, sailing just above the Ice Limit, is an intriguing oxymoron in which being an active part is a challenge as well as an opportunity.

Tipsforwomens’s mission is to actively accompany all those who want and need it: there are those who need to lose weight to regain personal well-being, those who fight against diseases in which food has an essential role and, who, again, understood that weighted nutrition is the key to really doing anything. Also an exceptional regatta, in terms of modality and intrinsic spirit, up and down the oceans.

The contribution of Lorenzo Traversetti

Tipsforwomens, thanks to the collaboration of Lorenzo Traversetti, nutritionist biologist and expert in nutrition, will thus provide assistance and help to Riccardo regarding food plans and nutritional supplements for the entire span of his undertaking on the sailboat. The selection of foods and the menus to follow will be aimed at maintaining strength and energy in the different phases of sailing, considering the extreme difficulty of not being able to land on dry land. Everything will have to be coordinated and studied, based on freeze-dried foods that can integrate in the right way even with the equipment that an adventure like this needs.

In short, none of this is trivial and, never as in this situation, experience and self-denial represent the two most solid anchors to hold on to – just to stay on topic. And, thanks to Manzanaroja’s background, the food diktats go really well also with the stages foreseen by the Global Solo Challenge; in fact, we leave (and return) from Spain, from La Coruna, more precisely, sailing, among others, also the most important seas of Latin America. One more possibility, therefore, to make available to Riccardo Tosetto and his sailing dream all the means that Tipsforwomens can provide. On the other hand, to make history you need all the help you can get.

Riccardo Tosetto’s comment

“My first thought in preparing for the Global Solo Challenge was obviously the boat. Over time, however, attention is shifting more and more towards who will have to steer the boat, steer it and, if necessary, repair it. In such a long and complex journey, body and mind are the real dominant factor. For this reason, being followed by the Tipsforwomens staff gives me peace of mind and confidence in facing this challenge”.