Sanremo 2021, no tribute to Stefano D'Orazio: the Poohs are furious

Sanremo 2021, no tribute to Stefano D'Orazio: the Poohs are furious

The homage to Stefano D'Orazio scheduled in the lineup was cut from the last evening of the Sanremo 2021 Festival

Stefano D'Orazio's funeral, the Pooh's last farewell and the pain of his wife Tiziana

Not even the time of the closing credits that arrive the first loud complaints about the Sanremo 2021 Festival. It is known, getting everyone to agree is practically impossible and this year the difficulties for Amadeus and Fiorello have increased due to the particular situation caused by the pandemic . What makes us turn up our noses in these hours is the missed homage to Stefano D'Orazio that should have taken place during the final evening of the music festival but which instead was completely missed.

Thanks to the numerous unforeseen events (from malfunctioning microphones to Ibrahimovic stuck on the motorway due to an accident), the lineup of the Sanremo Festival has undergone changes practically every evening. During the final there was a tribute to the musician who passed away in November 2020 which was cut entirely due to the excessive length of the Festival, which saw the proclamation of the winners Maneskin just minutes before 3 am.

The cut in the lineup infuriated the Poohs, especially Red Canzian who, interviewed in these hours by Adnkronos, did not shy away from stating that the choice was "horrible and very bad". The anger rises even more at the sight of

Five evenings full of anything, 3 minutes could be found.

Stefano D’Orazio passed away only a few months ago, following complications caused by Covid that worsened the very serious pathology for which he was already being treated. At the finale of the Sanremo Festival, before the announcement of the winners, "old glories" from Sanremo took the stage, including Michele Zarrillo and Riccardo Fogli, to remember some of the songs that made Sanremo and the panorama of Italian music great. The lack of a tribute to D'Orazio seems not to have gone down to the other members of the historic Italian band that has given so many successes to our country.

According to the information from the lineup, the expected homage saw Amadeus and Fiorello interpret Men Alone in order to remember the band and the same D'Orazio, but the performance was sacrificed because of the time. At today's press conference, Amadeus publicly apologized for the cut. The appointment is renewed for next year, for a new Festival (which could see a change of guard at the conduction) and almost certainly for new controversies.

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