Sanremo 2021, Noemi and Annalisa irresistible. Gaudiano wins among the young

Emma Amoroso

Amadeus and Fiorello kick off the fourth evening of the Festival with the final of the New Proposals competition. To triumph is Gaudiano

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 5: fourth evening

Fourth evening full of songs for the Sanremo 2021 Festival: in fact, the four new finalist proposals and all the big names in the competition will perform. A long evening, but which also leaves room for great emotions, sketches and the participation of very interesting guests.

To kick off, as always, Amadeus and Fiorello. The latter, with his charisma and his irony, immediately managed to make the fourth night crackling. He thus made his entrance wearing a wig, dancing and showing great energy.

Amadeus also welcomed Beatrice Venezi, a young conductor and godmother of Sanremo Giovani, by their side. Beautiful and excited, she went down the stairs to present the finalist singers of the New Proposals and decree the winner of the category. With elegance and class and a wonderful red and black dress, she immediately identified with the role of co-host, concealing anxiety in the best possible way. For her, from the landlord, only compliments:

You come from classical music but you have a great pop soul.

Beatrice Venezi, before officially inaugurating the race with the first announcement, declared that it was her curious spirit and passion for music that pushed her to participate in Sanremo:

I am very curious, I like to launch myself, experiment, certainly what drives my business is this thought. There is beautiful music, there is music that excites.

The young singers, who kicked off the competition, warmed up the evening. To contend for the victory, Davide Shorty, with his 'Queen', Folcast, with his 'Discover yourself', Gaudiano, with 'Gunpowder', and Wrongonyou, with 'Flight lessons'.

Despite the great desire to win of all four new proposals, and their undeniable talent that led them to touch the top step of the podium, the first place is reserved only for a singer. And, it was Gaudiano who conquered it. The Mia Martini Critics Award went to Wrongonyou, while the one from the Lucio Dalla Press Office went to Davide Shorty.

An enormous satisfaction for the young Gaudiano who, moved, dedicated the victory to his late father and who, there is no doubt, has a very long career ahead of him. And, who knows, in the future he could return to the Ariston stage in the category of big singers.

The first singer among the big names to perform was, on the other hand, Annalisa who, after wearing short and low-cut dresses that highlighted her perfect body, chose an elegant light-colored suit for the penultimate evening. Impeccable, he performed his piece with great professionalism and without betraying the great emotion that transpired only from his eyes.

To support Amadeus and Fiorello in the conduct, in the fourth evening, also Barbara Palombelli. The famous presenter, in a white suit, announced Noemi who, just like Annalisa, showed great confidence. With her perfect look, an elegant black dress with very bright silver inserts, and with her 'Wisteria', she enchanted the Ariston.

Unleashed Achille Lauro brings the fourth of his five paintings to the stage, inspired by punk rock wearing what appears to be a wedding dress. Thus, he proposes his songs that he sang in Sanremo in recent years, 'I don't care' and 'Rolls Royce'. At his side he finds the guitarist Boss Doms, who kisses at the beginning of the performance, and Fiorello is also added, with an eccentric black dress and a huge crown of thorns. And there is no doubt: it is the most captivating performance of the Festival.

Mahmood's was also a great show, who in the past won prizes and satisfactions on the Ariston stage and who, in this fourth evening, played the role of guest. The singer performed with a medley of his most beloved songs. An impeccable show, which highlights all his talent and the path he has traveled since, in 2019, he won the first prize of the Sanremo Festival with his 'Money'. And, just as it happened that year, it surprised, enchanted and conquered everyone.

Barbara Palombelli's monologue dedicated to women is delicate and elegant. The presenter recalled her past, intertwining it with the history of the Festival. Her father, in fact, loved Sanremo and dreamed of her becoming like Giogliola Cinquetti.

Palombelli, however, was a young rebel, with Cinquetti she had very little in common and wanted nothing more than freedom:

But I wanted to go out, rebellious girl, I was driving motorcycles and cars without having a license – he confessed -. It was the sixties and we kids were looking for emotions. (…) I had to rebel, but also to study a lot. The only way to win freedom was to go to work. At fifteen I started, and I haven't stopped yet.

And his very long career is an example for all those who want to make their passion their job. Palombelli's is thus not only an encouragement, but an invitation to fight for one's dreams and rights.

After half past midnight it is time for Emma and Alessandra Amoroso, who create an incandescent atmosphere in their duet full of emotion, strength and friendship. And they teach that when things come from the heart (from their Piece of Heart), the extra gear is felt and seen.

Shortly after, Alessandra returns to the scene, this time alongside Matilde Gioli to draw attention to the difficulties of show business workers, their fears related to survival, after a year of almost total stop.

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