Sanremo 2021, the meeting behind the scenes between the Maneskin and Orietta after the gaffe

Sanremo 2021, the meeting behind the scenes between the Maneskin and Orietta after the gaffe

After the gaffe of Orietta Berti who called the Maneskin Naziskin, the group went to her rescue on social media and told about the meeting behind the scenes

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 5: fourth evening

The gaffe of Orietta Berti who called the Maneskins Naziskins went viral within a few hours and kept the bench on social media for the whole afternoon before the start of the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival (read here how it went).

The singer had held a press conference in streaming, as all the artists competing to overcome the limitations imposed by the pandemic are doing these days. To a journalist who asked her who of her colleagues she would like to duet with, Orietta replied: “I wouldn't mind doing a duet with Ermal Metal and Naziskin”. Meaning Ermal Meta and the Maneskins.

His press office immediately intervened to correct it, but by now the omelette was done and in a very short time the story was over (and remained for quite a while) among the Twitter trend topics. The people directly involved came to his rescue: the band led by Damiano defended Berti through a tweet, throwing the question into laughter (as it should be): ““ Oriettah forget them, do not listen to the criticisms. The web is bad we sing together ", was the appeal of the band.

Then interviewed on the microphones of Rai Radio 2, the Roman boys told of the subsequent meeting that took place behind the scenes of the Festival: "Backstage she came to apologize, but we were not offended at all, we obviously started laughing but she she was very nice".

Tonight both the Maneskin and Orietta Berti will perform for the last time before finding out who will win this 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival (here the lineup of the fifth evening). According to the provisional ranking made known at the end of the fourth evening, the Roman band would have an advantage over the singer, having jumped from tenth place the previous evening to fifth. For its part, Orietta has the support of many people, even if the favorite for the final victory is still Ermal Meta, who since the second evening – the first in which he performed – has been at the top of the standings.

But televoting, as we know, can always overturn everything, as has already happened in other circumstances.

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