Sanremo 2021, the names of Adriano Celentano and Roberto Benigni appear

Adriano Celentano

The Mollevato and the comedian could be the next major guests announced by Amadeus, who admits: "We await their response"

Sanremo 2021, the co-hosts of Amadeus

Adriano Celentano and Roberto Benigni at Sanremo 2021. It is more than a suggestion and certainly more than the usual rumor: the Mollevato and the Tuscan comedian were invited by Amadeus to participate in the Festival as super guests. It was the artistic director himself who confirmed this in a note released to the press agencies: “We contacted them. We await their response ”.

Some indiscretions to tell the truth were already circulating over the weekend, reported by Adnkronos, who spoke of "courtship" by the conductor towards Celentano. The reasons that could push him to give in to flattery are all there, especially if you look at the almanac: for Adriano this is the sixtieth anniversary of his Sanremo debut with 24 thousand kisses, the 55th anniversary of the Boy of Via Gluck, the 50th of Under the sheets and – wanting to be picky – the 51st of the victory of Who does not work does not make love. And these recurrences concern only the songs related to the singing festival.

As for Benigni, who shares the same manager with Amadeus, Lucio Presta, it would be a confirmation, after last year's speech in which he brought his interpretation of the Song of Songs to the stage. For this edition, the comedian could certainly think of a tribute to Dante, on the 700th anniversary of his death. According to some experts, the idea of ​​the artistic director would be to bring the Celentano-Benigni couple to the Ariston together, a bit like it already happened in 2005 in the Rockpolitik del Molleilato show, when the two held the scene for about forty minutes with the reading of a "letter to Silvio Berlusconi".

In reality, at first, the possible presence of Roberto Benigni was denied by Presta himself, but now it was Amadeus himself who relaunched. However, the hypothesis that Celentano could physically manifest itself seems unlikely: the Mollevato has not appeared in public for about a year entrenched at home due to Covid, as he himself had admitted to Domenica In. Many believe more in the possibility of a video connection, even if in the end it got us used to the twists; like in 2004 when it came as a surprise on the final evening of the Tony Renis Festival.

The last appearance at the Ariston, however, dates back to 2012: on that occasion he performed together with Gianni Morandi, presenter of the event, for two evenings.

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