Sanremo 2021, the romantic background on Amadeus and his wife Giovanna

Amadeus e Giovanna Civitillo

In Sanremo 2021 to triumph not only the Maneskin, but also love: the background on Amadeus and his wife Giovanna

After the final of Sanremo 2021, the background on Amadeus and his wife Giovanna Civitillo appears, protagonists of a romantic kiss just before the last evening of the Festival. The love for the showgirl was, once again, the great strength of the artistic director of the event.

Civitillo, for years alongside Amadeus, was, like last year, a silent presence behind the scenes of the Festival, ready to support her husband. During one of the last press conferences before the broadcast, the host revealed a romantic background about his wife. “What if I also have a superstitious ritual? – he confessed -. Yes: when I am one step away from the stage, my wife Giovanna arrives and says “good luck potato”. By now I have cleared it through customs, and therefore I can say ".

United and in love, the two met in 2003 when he was leading the Legacy and she was working on the show as the famous Shock. In 2009 the couple had their son Josè Alberto and, after the wedding celebrated in the same year, ten years later they got married in the church. Always smiling and positive, Giovanna was Amadeus' strength in the five evenings of the Festival. At the helm of PrimaFestival, with Valeria Graci and Giovanni Vernia, he demonstrated how love is stronger than anything else, letting the facts answer the criticisms against him.

"Giovanna has been working for Rai since 1996, the sponsor wanted her and I was notified after the fact – Amadeus revealed, defending his wife -. She told me: 'If I create problems I give up'. But why should he? One is surprised at the wife when it is not done for the lovers … I do not accept recommendations because I want to be free. But let's dispel a myth. There is a difference between a recommendation and a report. You can point out who is good or suitable for a role: this does not mean imposing it. But my wife is totally foreign to both. Do you know how many people stop you on the street and tell you they should work more on TV? She is sunny, cheerful, witty, full of artistic qualities and precisely because she is my wife she is penalized most of the time ".

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