Sanremo Giovani, Amadeus announces the exclusion of Morgan from the jury

Amdeus risponde a Morgan

Amadeus read an official statement on live TV regarding Morgan's exclusion as a juror in Sanremo Giovani

Sanremo Festival 2021: dates, rules, news

The final of Sanremo Giovani opened with news that had already been in the air for a few hours: Amadeus in fact read an official statement on live TV regarding Morgan, one of the members of the jury of the event, announcing his exclusion.

The Milanese artist, former leader of Bluvertigo, participated this year in the selection of the New Proposals that will take part in the Sanremo 2021 Festival, in the second edition conducted by Amadeus. Alongside Luca Barbarossa, Beatrice Venezi and Piero Pelù, great exponents of Italian music, Morgan helped to select the young talents who performed during the five evenings of AmaSanremo, up to forming the cast of the final episode – entitled Sanremo Giovani and aired on Thursday 17 December in prime time on Rai1.

Morgan was also expected to attend this important appointment (during which, among other things, the names of the 26 Big competing at next year's Festival were announced), but already a few hours before the live rumors began to circulate about his alleged exclusion. The indiscretions were confirmed thanks to an official statement released by the Rai top management, which Amadeus then read at the opening of the episode, after having presented the other jurors.

"Following the unacceptable behavior of Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, expressed with public and private offensive statements, the undersigned as artistic director and the organization of the Festival with a very painful decision ordered the exclusion of the artist from the jury television program of Sanremo Giovani, all this in order to safeguard the substantial correctness of the preliminary competition for the selection of the artists of the new Sanremo 2021 proposals. According to the regulation, the votes will still be considered valid as they are reshaped on 3 instead of 4 jurors " – we learn from the issuer's note.

During the evening, the 10 finalists who conquered the judges during the previous episodes of AmaSanremo were evaluated: Le Larve, Greta Zuccoli, Merlot, I Desideri, Wrongonyou, Avincola, Hu, Davide Shorty, Gaudiano and the Folcast competed for get a place among the New Proposals that will go up on the coveted stage of the Ariston.

The exclusion of Morgan from the Sanremo Giovani jury follows another news regarding the Milanese singer by a couple of days. In fact, for him there will be no possibility to participate in the 2021 Festival, since the commission has not accepted his song.

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