Sara Vanni turns the page after Chain Reaction and thinks about the future

Sara Vanni

The former Rai1 quiz champion has announced that she is working on new and important projects concerning music

He has endured all kinds of insults but Sara Vanni has no intention of giving up. And he knows that good always comes with evil. After the free offenses received following her participation in Reaction a Chain on Rai1 for her sexual orientation, she decided to turn the page and devote herself to herself and the passions that have always moved her soul.

His personality is in fact rich in resources and facets. She is not only a teacher but she is also a podcaster, singer and writer. The announcement of the news concerning her comes directly from her social channels: "Speaking of beautiful things, in a few days my new single will be released". Not only. Sara Vanni is also working on her next novel.

Strength and tenacity are two of the fundamental elements of his character, but he still decided not to stand by and present the first complaints for the offensive words received and not only on his sexual orientation:

“I've been participating in Reaction a Catena for 10/11 days now, I'm champion together with Giovanna and Valentina. But something happened. Someone, on social media so ostracized by my ex partner, allowed themselves to judge my partners and me on my physical appearance, my attitude to play and my sexual orientation. I believe that everyone can express their own preference. But here, there is a subtle difference between saying "I don't like this one" and "She has to get a face plasty". We are used to a society that wants us to be perfect, infallible … I am a teacher and I teach my classes to weigh words, but above all to accept our uniqueness. Only we can talk about ourselves. Above all, we are imperfect and fallible! Mistakes are healthy and, indeed, a source of personal growth! ”.

And he continues: “I sued these people by reporting the profiles to the postal police, it is right to give a message and it is also right to stimulate a reflection on how, after all, these people are alone and suffering and need support. Speaking of support, I would like to thank all my friends, family and the RAC editors who are supporting me. Finally, I look back and look at the song Was Possible, which I wrote weeks ago. Maybe that's what I have left of us: the strength to fight, to move well between social networks and the certainty of being exposed ".

Sara Vanni also found the support of Marco Liorni: “A hug also to our Sara's audience. It's good to sue. Who insults, responds and opens his wallet (hoping that he also opens his head). Simple".

The path of the former champion of Chain Reaction (together with the Sibyls) does not stop at the unworthy words of the people who have hurled themselves against her. His path is all traced but made up of great dreams to be realized, starting with the individual with whom he will begin a new journey of life.

Sara Vanni on Instagram

Sara Vanni on Instagram

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