Sattvic diet: lose weight and protect yourself from diabetes and cholesterol

Sattvic diet: lose weight and protect yourself from diabetes and cholesterol

Much appreciated by those who practice yoga, this diet is vegetarian based

The Sattvic diet is a very popular diet among those who practice yoga. Distinguished by a vegetarian and low-fat base, it is considered advantageous in cases where it aims to optimize the prevention of diabetes and improve cholesterol values.

Getting to the heart of its characteristics, we remember that the name refers to one of the three types of food that, according to those who follow the teachings of yoga, nature offers us every day. There is talk of precise sattvic food, rajasic food and tamasic food.

In the specific case of Sattvic foods, the followers of Ayurveda believe that they are characterized by a greater level of purity and balance. In principle, nutrition based on their inclusion is considered richer from the point of view of nutrients and more useful for the promotion of longevity.

Among the foods in question, it is possible to mention vegetables, fresh fruit, legumes and dried fruit. As is clear, these are foods characterized by a large amount of micronutrients precious for our health. Today as today, there are no research papers specifically focused on the Sattvic diet in medical literature. To understand its benefits, it is therefore appropriate to focus on the foods it invites you to consume.

This means, for example, to remember that diets based on vegetarian models are associated with a lower risk of dealing with problems of hypercholesterolemia, a primary risk factor for heart health. Science has repeatedly investigated this aspect. Interesting in this regard is a study published in 2019 and conducted by an active team at Loma Linda University (USA).

The experts in question examined the data of 650 individuals and considered their adherence to four dietary models: vegan, lacto-ovo-vegetarian, peach-vegetarian and non-vegetarian. At follow up, it was possible to find the presence of a significantly lower rate of cardiovascular risk factors – e.g. diabetes and hypertension – in subjects accustomed to following a diet with vegetarian peculiarities.

Continuing with the list of benefits of the Sattvic diet, we would like to point out that, by virtue of the important supply of fibers it guarantees, it can promote weight loss (the nutrients just mentioned are in fact portentous allies for optimizing satiety levels).

This diet – which prohibits the consumption of alcohol, tea and coffee as well as the intake of onion, durian, shallots, garlic and pickles – recommends focusing not only on fruit, vegetables and whole grains, but also on dried fruit and oil seeds. Then space for walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds.

As mentioned above, the Sattvica diet recommends the intake of legumes, crucial not only for their fiber richness but also for their protein content. As regards the sources of lipids, the main ones include olive oil, sesame oil, linseed oil and clarified butter. Herbs and spices are also very important. Among those recommended are coriander, basil, nutmeg and cumin.

A possible menu may include a breakfast of yogurt with berries, walnuts and cinnamon – dairy products are allowed – a lunch where a salad of fresh vegetables, tofu and lentils is brought to the table and a dinner with a plate of mango rice with chickpeas and coconut milk.

We conclude by specifying that before starting this diet it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor and carefully follow all its indications.

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