Scenes from a wedding, ultra-chic Tatangelo. And prepares for a “challenge”

Scenes from a wedding, ultra-chic Tatangelo.  And prepares for a "challenge"

At “Scenes from a wedding” Anna Tatangelo gave us one of her splendid looks. And a new challenge awaits you around the corner

Anna Tatangelo, gorgeous in costume: photos on Instagram

The appointment with Scenes from a marriage is renewed, the new program conducted by Anna Tatangelo and now in its fifth appointment. After a rather “criticized” beginning, Sora’s artist has shown talent, empathy and a genuine ability to tell stories of people like us, in the “day of days” which for many couples is the most exciting and certainly unforgettable. But from next week the beautiful Anna will have to face an unexpected challenge.

Anna Tatangelo, a vision in pink

If there is one thing that makes Anna Tatangelo one of the undisputed queens of the Italian show, it is her ability to always wear perfect outfits, one more beautiful than the other. A woman of glaring beauty, who always manages to enhance her strengths (which are many) with fabrics and colors that are perfect for her silhouette and her Mediterranean complexion.

The episode of November 6 gave us a perfect Nanny in pink, the color she had already chosen for the previous appointment broadcast on Channel 5. This time the presenter opted not for a dress, but for a combination in line with the trends of the moment: pleated longuette skirt in antique pink and silk shirt of a more delicate shade, powder pink. To complete it all, a delightful pair of sandals that recall the color of the shirt, with the inevitable stiletto heels (vertiginous).

As always Anna Tatangelo shows us that simplicity pays off, especially when it comes to style. With just a few elements she composed an outfit suitable for the occasion, ultra-chic and above all ideal for all shapes. Women, we can only take an example!

For the “daytime” look, on the other hand, the choice fell on a truly risky suit, with which only a bold personality like the Nanny can dare: checkered shirt and striped trousers. A different combination than usual that would make many of us scream, but definitely original.

Marilina and Massimo’s wedding

“We will make our dreams come true, we will share our choices without ever distorting our personality”, with this romantic dedication the story of Marilina and Massimo’s most beautiful day opened. The episode of Scenes from a wedding on November 6 was very special, a story that has shown us once again that the force of destiny is greater and more disruptive than anything else. And it can often leave us amazed.

Marilina and Massimo are now forty years old, but their first meeting dates back to a long time ago. They met as boys, they immediately liked each other but then, as often happens at that age, their paths separated. In between, many years and events, more or less beautiful, which marked their lives and made them grow and mature as a woman and a man. Marilina had not too important stories, Massimo instead lived with a partner for two years.

Then the twist. After fifteen years, the two “met” again on social media and began to exchange some messages. One thing led to another and in the end Marilina and Massimo decided to meet “casually” on Valentine’s Day and from that moment everything changed. That feeling that had united them as boys had remained dormant in the depths of their hearts, but it was never entirely gone. To the point of deciding to live together first, then to get married in a suggestive location in Sutri under the excited eyes of families and closest friends (and of the little dog Ercole).

New challenge for Anna Tatangelo (and Autieri has to do with it)

If the beginning was not the best, Scene from a wedding from episode to episode proved to be a more than valid program. Needless to hide it, the love stories and the story of the most beautiful day of the protagonist couples are a super romantic way to spend an hour on Saturday afternoon, in a pleasant way. And probably for this reason the splendid Anna Tatangelo will have to face a new “challenge”.

In an exclusive interview published on the weekly Gente, Serena Autieri revealed that from Saturday 13 November she will be back on the air with Dedicato, the new Rai 1 program tailor-made for her and which cheered us up last summer every morning. And it will be back starting at 2 pm, at the same time as Scenes from a wedding.

Two beautiful, spirited and very talented women, loved by the public. You are spoiled for choice!

Anna Tatangelo on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo in the fifth episode of “Scenes from a wedding”

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