Schussler salts: what they are and how they are used


After the homeopathic granules and Bach flowers, Schüssler salts arrived in the pharmacy, natural remedies that help to solve small seasonal ailments on their own. But what is it about? “These salts are therapy
created over a hundred years ago by the German doctor Wilhelm Schüssler, a follower of the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann “, explains Roberto Pagnanelli, psychiatrist expert in natural therapies and author with Cristina Orel of “Therapy with salts ofSchüssler “(Xenia).” The researcher observed that our body needs 12 mineral salts in order to be healthy. These function as real keys that guarantee every cell to function properly. is affected and you can have physical and psychosomatic disorders By administering the right salt, in the formulas created bySchüssler, the cells are stimulated to correct the imbalance and the problem is solved ».

In our body salts represent 4 percent of the weight (in a person weighing 70 kilos, two and a half) and the most important are in the order calcium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, iron. On these minerals, homeopathically enhanced in decimal dilutions, the cure of the 12 salts is basedvery well known in German-speaking countries and used to deal with acute and chronic diseases, although there are those who use them simply to keep fit since they have no contraindications.

Schüssler salts can be found in the pharmacy in the form of lactose tablets but also, for those who are allergic, in drops, as well as in ointment for external use. The tablets are dissolved under the tongue as is done with homeopathic remedies: in this way, optimal absorption is guaranteed. And the results? “Very positive in my experience,” says Pagnanelli. «In acute disorders they are rapid, in chronic ones, on the other hand, it takes one to two months to see an improvement. But it lasts for six months to a year even after the therapy is interrupted ».


Gastritis and colitis

«The indicated salt is Magnesium phosphoricum», suggests Roberto Pagnanelli. «Very useful especially when these disorders are related to a stress somatization. In fact, magnesium is a regulator of muscle contraction, also active in the case of migraines and nausea ». The doses are two tablets three times a day.

  • The extra advice Dissolving the tablets in hot water increases their effectiveness. The liquid should be sipped and is an aid against cramps.

Sore throat and bronchitis

«Kalium chloratum can be used against seasonal catarrhal diseases», says the expert. “The remedy increases the immune defenses and regulates infectious phenomena”. In the acute phase, one tablet is also taken every quarter of an hour, otherwise three a day.

  • The extra advice Kalium chloratum is useful when the secretions are clear and mucous. If they turn yellowish, in the later stage of inflammation, Kalium sulfuricum is indicated.

Varices and swellings

“Calcium fluoratum promotes tissue elasticity and is indicated to combat varicose veins and hemorrhoids”, advises Pagnanelli. It is also useful for cellulite and leg swelling due to poor circulation. Doses: from one to three tablets three times a day for at least three months.

  • The extra advice In the form of Calcium fluoratum ointment it makes the skin more toned and compact. It can be used on the face as a day cream.



“In all forms of physical and mental exhaustion Calcium phosphoricum is the most effective salt,” says Pagnanelli. “It gives energy, strength and enthusiasm, clears the mind and after an illness it helps to recover quickly”. The doses are two tablets three times a day.

  • The extra advice “Calcium phosphoricum is the remedy that regulates hardness, useful on the body against osteoporosis and on the mind for rigid and uncompromising people”, says the expert.

Anxiety and stress

“The remedy for acute stress that causes nervousness and mood swings is Magnesium phosphoricum, while for chronic stress, which causes loss of memory and concentration and accelerates aging, it takes Natrium sulfuricum”, suggests Pagnanelli.

  • The extra advice If the situation requires it, the two salts can also be combined: one tablet of each type three times a day.


“Salt Kalium phosphoricum is the most suitable for giving positivity and enthusiasm to those who suffer from a dark mood and no longer find meaning in life”, explains the expert. “It is also useful when you can’t sleep due to obsessive thoughts.” Doses: one or two tablets three times a day.

  • The extra advice Homeopathic remedies potentiate Schüssler salts. For depression Ignatia 5CH can be used, 3 six times a day.


Salts are also used for weight loss. Here is a scheme to follow recommended by the naturopath Günther Heepen. In the morning Natrium sulphuricum which promotes detoxification. At noon Kalium phosphoricum to activate the metabolism and improve digestion. This salt also has a mild antidepressant effect and helps fight nervous hunger. Finally, in the evening, it is the turn of Natrium phosphoricum, useful for regulating the metabolism of fats. Of each salt, five to ten tablets dissolved in hot water before meals. The cure lasts from three to six weeks.

  • The extra advice “In the evening, massage the abdomen with the Calcium fluoratum ointment that tones the tissues”, suggests the expert.

For children

Without side effects and effective, Schüssler salts can be used from the first weeks of life. Most useful? “Ferrum phosphoricum is a passepartout remedy, indicated for most acute ailments with and without fever: tonsillitis, ear infections, bronchitis, even skin inflammations ” Günther Heepennaturopath and author of Schüssler salts (new techniques). «Children under 12 can be given one tablet per hour in the acute phase. For the little ones, it can be dissolved in a little water. Salts also help with teething disorders: in this case Calcium phosphoricum is used.

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