Secrets of facial skin care after 40. The beautician has 3 valuable pieces of advice

Secrets of facial skin care after 40.  The beautician has 3 valuable pieces of advice

Time is still moving forward and leaving its mark. Although you cannot cheat nature, you can certainly establish a friendly relationship with it and counteract the effects of the aging process. After reaching the age of forty, this process especially accelerates – the body begins to change visibly and wrinkles appear on the skin. How to take care of your facial skin once you reach this special age threshold? The beautician presents the most important principles of effective care.

Secrets of facial skin care after 40. The beautician has 3 valuable pieces of advice


  • Facial skin care after the age of 40
  • Rules for home skin care after the age of forty
  • Support from specialists is also welcome
  • Don’t forget about these habits to have healthy and radiant skin

Facial skin care after the age of 40

Aging is a natural and inevitable stage that can be successfully faced. Its first symptoms may appear around the age of 35, but they become most visible after the magical age of forty. The signs of aging include: facial wrinkles, decreased skin density, drooping cheeks and loss of facial contours. Regardless of age, you should not forget about routine facial care. How to perform it so that it gives the desired results?

Doctor of medical and health sciences, cosmetologist Anna Jaros-Sajda from “Skin Masters”, points to two trends in care.

– There are two ways to counteract the aging process. The first one, focusing on physiological skin stimulation, is based on treatments aimed at increasing collagen production, e.g. microneedle radiofrequency, mesotherapy, retinoids, acids or other such substances, and antioxidants. Properly selected home care is also key – explains the expert in an interview with our website.

The second aspect of anti-aging therapy is aesthetic medicine. It is intended for people who expect faster and stronger results. Such activities are based on the use of hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin or tissue stimulators.

After the age of 40, certain mechanisms slow down quite a bit and that is why the best solution is to combine these two practices. This will allow you to get the best results.

Rules for home skin care after the age of forty

It is also worth taking care of your facial skin regularly at home. Proper facial care helps maintain its healthy and radiant appearance and delay the aging process. This routine should have two dimensions. The first one includes three steps:

  • face wash adapted to the needs of the skin,
  • properly selected moisturizing product,
  • using sunscreen creams, among others SPF 30.

– The facial skin should be washed very thoroughly in the evening to remove any traces of makeup. This will also maintain the physiological pH of the skin and normalize the keratinization process. The moisturizing cream is designed to seal the hydrolipid coat and ensure proper hydration. Filters, on the other hand, will protect the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays, which in itself is a great anti-aging effect – explains the expert.

Support from specialists is also welcome

The second dimension of the care routine includes functional products, which should be selected individually by a specialist in a cosmetology office.

– Each skin has different needs. To satisfy them, in addition to basic care, you should also use carefully selected products containing active substances that address a specific problem. Such substances include alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, ferulic or tranexamic acid, or niacinamide, and many others. Glycolic acid is most often used in anti-aging care, but not exclusively. In the case of skin affected by erythematous lesions, mandelic acid is often useful, and in the case of excessive stratum corneum, lactic acid will be effective. Retinoids, i.e. retinol, retinal or other forms of retinoic acid available in cosmetics, are responsible for stimulating fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin, i.e. substances that increase collagen production and have a thickening effect. However, it should be remembered that all these substances should be selected under the supervision of an experienced specialist, otherwise they may do more harm than good – warns the cosmetologist.

Don’t forget about these habits to have healthy and radiant skin

In addition to the use of basic and functional products, eating habits are extremely important. We should always pay attention to what we eat, but after the age of 40, it is worth enriching your diet with products rich in antioxidants, including: fruits, vegetables and fatty fish.

– During aging, the skin is exposed to free radicals, i.e. oxidative stress, and this process is counteracted by antioxidants. After the age of 25, the amount of natural antioxidants in our body decreases and we should then ensure that we supply them with food. It is also worth remembering about the appropriate level of vitamin D3 and supplementation of omega-3 acids, which have a positive impact on the condition of the skin – he explains.

In order to enjoy a youthful appearance for longer, you need to take care not only of your care routine, but also of your daily routine. In anti-aging prevention, getting enough sleep, reducing stress and practicing physical activity, e.g. yoga or stretching, are also important.

– These forms of activity regulate hormonal balance, calm down and help fight internal tension. They also have a very good effect on posture, and in turn, posture affects, among other things, the maintenance of fascia and muscles, which translate into how our face ultimately ages. In fact, the face and how we look are not only the skin, but also the structures under the skin, i.e. muscles, fat tissue and bones – says Anna Jaros-Sajda.

To sum up, taking care of facial skin after 40 is a complex process that includes both skin care habits and healthy lifestyle habits. Maintaining this synergy allows us to maintain our youthful appearance for as long as possible.

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