Sharon Stone against the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis: "Eat a little more"

Sharon Stone against the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis: "Eat a little more"

Sharon Stone argues with a comment on a photo posted on Instagram by Tallulah, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

Tallulah Willis, the battle (won) by the daughter of Bruce and Demi Moore

A photo on Instagram and a comment by Sharon Stone: Tallulah Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, ended up at the center of gossip after a Hollywood diva commented on one of her shots. It all started with an image posted by Tallulah on social media. In the photo the daughter of Demi Moore, 26, is wearing a black costume by Stærk & Christensen, the brand created by model Helena Christensen.

The image prompted Stone to comment. The actress asked the girl to "consider eating a little more", adding a reflection: "We are all driven to be thin, as if that were the supreme beauty. You're beautiful. It's not a question of size ”. 62, the Basic Instinct diva knows both Demi Moore and Bruce Willis very well as she has acted with both in the past.

His comment on Tallulah's photo did not go unnoticed and divided the followers. Some have criticized Stone, inviting her to contact the girl privately, while others have supported her words. It is not the first time that the 26-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis ends up at the center of the controversy for some photos posted on Instagram that highlight her thinness. Some time ago Tallulah, with great courage, confessed to having suffered from eating disorders in the past.

Very close to her older sisters, Rumer and Scout, Tallulah revealed: “I would like to gain a little more padding on this meat suit (…) The confidence in myself (which I managed to put together after many years of struggling to accept myself) it blooms from what I am most proud of, from my heart and soul. In an attempt to claim ownership of each part of me, I think that I am subconsciously taking a misstep in showing images of a body that could be considered excessively thin.

“But this is who I am – he added – and I don't want to hide out of shame, because I also know that in my treatment I want to put into practice greater awareness. I am just a human being trying to do my best and my only wish is to start this new decade with compassion and transparency. If you too are struggling with something so bad, know that you are not alone. Call the National Eating Disorder Hotline ”.

Tallulah Willis' Instagram post

Tallulah Willis' Instagram post

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