Side B, 3 effective exercises to pull up the buttocks

If the B side is the right size but over time the tone has faded, do not panic: tone up buttocks is the watchword. With a training of exercises in tightness to reactivate the muscle fibers.

Here are the right exercises to tone the buttocks. Hold each position in the beginning for at least 30 seconds with a goal of making it to one minute. Repeat each exercise 3 times, for 2 sets.

1. Bridge

Lying on the ground, legs bent and feet parallel, lift your hips off the ground creating a straight line between your shoulders, pelvis and knees. Squeeze your buttocks tightly, maintaining the position, then return to the ground.


2. Superman

On the ground, belly down, hands and legs slightly open in a star shape. She contracts buttocks and abdomen and raises even slightly arms, head and shoulders and, at the same time, even the legs. Just stay with your torso supported, relax. For a strong effect she uses 1-2 kg anklets per leg.


3. Side Raises

On the side, legs bent over each other, open and close the upper knee. Concentrates the action on the buttock, exploiting its strength for movement. To make it harder, you can slide the elastic band between your knees and bring it into tension.


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