Simona Ventura, Giovanni Terzi's (very sweet) dedication on Instagram

Simona Ventura marries Giovanni Terzi. The reactions on Instagram

A playful phrase that becomes one of the most beautiful declarations of love ever seen on social media

Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi are demonstrating throughout Italy that true love has no age. The two, who met having a complex past from a sentimental point of view, began a relationship that called everything into question and made middle age incredibly sweet.

The presenter of The Voice of Italy and the writer began their relationship recently, after the official announcement by Ventura of the end of the relationship with Gerò Carraro. Super Simo, aware that the gossip newspapers would be unleashed on the reasons for the end of the story with Carraro, at the time he preferred to make things clear: it was a wise choice, since, when the story began with the journalist Giovanni Terzi, all of Italy was aware that Simona had been single for a while and therefore the attention of the media around the couple was more contained.

The presenter and the writer are close-knit and happy, so happy that they have no fear of showing themselves in public together and in affectionate attitudes. This was also demonstrated by the love dedication that Giovanni Terzi wanted to make to his partner through his Instagram profile.

As a caption for a beautiful couple selfie in a car, Simona Ventura's partner writes:

Shhhhhh … don't let Simona Ventura know but I love her … #mihaicambiatolavita #seiunadonnaunica #mirendifelice #squadra #lealta '#instagram #me #noiuno

The writer has perfectly identified himself in his role as companion in love, present, faithful and devoted to his woman, but the thing that is most striking is the hashtag with which the man thanks Simona for having literally "changed his life".

Just like Simona, Giovanni Terzi also has two marriages: the first with his wife Paola, from which his son Lodovico was born; the second marriage, with Silvia Fondireschi, was celebrated on October 3, 2008. At the time the couple already had a son, Giulio Antonio. After the second wedding is over, Terzi has been dating Simona Ventura since 2018 and seems happier than ever. Terzi and Ventura had known each other for professional reasons for a long time, they explained, but the spark had never started before last year.

Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi – Source: Instagram

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