Siren eyes are what we need to have a sensual look in the summer

Siren eyes

The new frontier of sensuality are siren eyes, one of the latest trends that comes directly from TikTok. But how to put it into practice? Here’s everything you need to know.

The cat eyes are now outdated: in their place siren eyes have arrived in the vast world of make-up, the latest trend started on social media and arrived on celebs all over the world.

Siren eyes

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Among the very first to launch this trend, the tiktoker and make – up artist Danielle Marcan who with just one video – tutorial has exceeded one million likes. And this already had to make us understand the extent of the phenomenon.

However, we must take note of the fact that to date the most famous tutorial is still hers: Marcan shows us how she transforms her rounded eyes into elongated ones worthy of a mermaid.

Since then, time has passed and this trend from TikTok has arrived on planet earth, invading streets, covers, fashion shows.

To date, however however, the #sireneyes hashtag continues to count more than 130 million views on the social of “young people” and this makes us understand that in fact even in the world of social media this continues to always be a trend topic.

But what exactly does it consist of? In making your gaze elongated, magnetic, hypnotic.

How are the so-called siren eyes obtained? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Siren eyes: everything you need to know

How are siren eyes made? You should be able to get a make-up with a horizontal structure, which will make sure that your look is maximized regardless of the shape of your eyes.

Siren eyes

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As you can easily deduce from its name, this make-up is inspired by that of the mermaids, seductive figures par excellence, so the result will be an extremely feminine, sensual look and the final effect will be a natural lifting.

If you have sunken eyes – and therefore the eyelid is not very wide – do not worry: even for you this trick is more than achievable and indeed it will be able to enhance your face.

That said, it all starts with eyeliner: you will have to build a very long line and blend it in essence.

But first you could do a trick: you could apply a “transition” color over the eyelid – strictly dark – with which to create a sort of shadow.

It will then be useful a very fine sharpened pencil (because it will have to be super pointed): we will have to create a slightly thicker line in the final part and above all elongated as much as possible and also pass it inside the eye, blending it.

At this point, you could take some dark eyeshadow and brush over the previously created line to accentuate it.

If you want – but it is not mandatory, you decide based on your personal tastes – you can also add a strong shade eyeshadow, or a graphic make-up, but always remember to keep to dark shades and apply it obliquely, so as to be able to make your gaze appear “higher”, because siren eyes are based precisely on this.

A another fundamental step is the illuminant: where to put it? In the inner and central part of our make-up.

Then there is an extra touch of class: false eyelashes, which will highlight our eyes even more. If, on the other hand, you want a 100% natural allure, you could only apply mascara, but remember to “insist” especially in the final part of the eye.

There are also those who prefer to make siren eyes even more original. How? By coloring only the internal part of the tail.

The fact is, that regardless of the peculiarities you want to add, even the “basic” makeup alone is always extremely sensual. What are you waiting for to try it?

And if you want to discover other eye make-up trends, here are some very simple summer eye tricks to do.

In any case, siren eyes remain the trendiest, chic, but at the same time sexy alternative that the world of make-up currently offers.

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