Solidarity gifts at Christmas, against cancer and in defense of health

Solidarity gifts at Christmas, against cancer and in defense of health

Gift ideas to support research into childhood cancer and Alzheimer's and to guarantee medical visits to those who cannot afford it

For a Christmas as special as that of 2020, the choice of gifts becomes even more a moment of sharing and solidarity in which the gift is transformed into concrete help to protect everyone's health.

The AIRC Foundation products in support of research against pediatric cancers

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, organic Italian orange honey, Christmas balls, the delicious Chocolates of Research are some of the solidarity products offered by the AIRC Foundation. Gift ideas for Christmas that help support research against pediatric cancer.

In Italy, cancer affects around 1,400 children up to the age of 14 and 800 adolescents between the ages of 15 and 19 each year. Thanks to the commitment of doctors and researchers, today about 82% of children and 86% of adolescents are alive five years after diagnosis. While 3 out of 10 children survived a diagnosis of cancer in the 1970s, today 3 out of 4 recover completely (data source AIRTUM – Tumors in Italy – 2012 Report Tumors of children and adolescents, Ministry of Health – Pediatric Tumors (for percentage of cancer cases in the 0-14 age group). For some cancers that affect children, often very rare, however, specific therapies are lacking, developed on the basis of the results of dedicated studies.

Despite the difficulties of recent months, the AIRC Foundation confirms its commitment to support the multi-year projects underway this year: 39 projects and 8 specific scholarships on pediatric cancers, with a total investment of over 5 million euros, to develop therapies increasingly effective, personalized and less toxic for young patients.

A cyclamen to support the Italian Association for Alzheimer's Research Onlus

A simple and inexpensive gift idea that is also a concrete contribution to research: it is the cyclamen plant that can be found at the numerous Coop stores in Italy, until 16 December.

For each plant sold, 1 euro will be donated for the scientific efforts supported by Airalzh Onlus, the only Association that promotes and supports medical-scientific research on Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia at national level.

With the Forget about You campaign, since 2016 Coop has promoted various initiatives in the area in favor of fundraising for scientific research on Alzheimer's, a disease that is spreading more and more due to the aging of the population and that in Italy it affects over 600,000 patients and indirectly involves around 3 million people among family members and caregivers. And Airalzh Onlus is committed to improving the health of the elderly, because if the duration of life is important, so is the quality of the days.

A "suspended visit" for those who cannot afford it

The current health emergency from Covid-19 risks transforming the right to health into a privilege reserved for the few.

Valter Longo Onlus Foundation, the first in Italy dedicated to guaranteeing a long and healthy life for all, with particular attention to disadvantaged and poor people, launches the first Christmas campaign with a special appeal to donate a "Suspended Visit" to guarantee Assistance Nutritional for those who cannot afford it with a symbolic donation starting from 25 euros.

Thanks to the contributions collected, patients in poverty, children, adults and the elderly who are disadvantaged and / or in difficult conditions, will be welcomed at the Milan Longevity Point or assisted at the local facilities and services where the Foundation operates.

For other gift ideas and to make your Christmas special, for you many tips on how to best enjoy the holidays.

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